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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 163 - The Child Can’t Be Without a Father

Chapter 163: The Child Can’t Be Without a Father

Hearing Lin Fei’er’s voice, the three of them who were arguing were stunned.

Su Wan widened her eyes. She turned around and saw Lin Fei’er looking at the three of them stoically.

Lin Fei’er stood alone at the corner. The dim light shone on her face, making her look bafflingly gloomy.

Su Wan bit her lips and her breath became heavy. Just now, she simply pretended to make a call to scare Li Peng. Before she could think of the right words, she didn’t dare inform Lin Fei’er of the cruel truth.

On the other hand, Li Peng was ghastly pale. His firm lips were now in a straight line and fear surged in his heart without reason.

When had Lin Fei’er appeared? How much had she heard?

Just when Lin Peng and Su Wan were thinking what to say, another person stood out first.

Tears appeared on Yang Xiaobing’s pretty face. She timidly walked toward Lin Fei’er. Her voice was so gentle and soft, it was like a rose that would be damaged by the wind and rain.

“Sis Fei’er, I beg you, please don’t allow Brother Peng to ask me to abort my child! I know I’ve wronged you but you’re about to be a mother too. How could you bear to see another life being ended?”

While Yang Xiaobing said this, she touched her stomach, her face showing tender and pitiful maternal love.

Yang Xiaobing’s pleads entered Lin Fei’er’s ears and instantly, she felt darkness all around.

Lin Fei’er’s face turned more and more pale, as if turning into a paper doll. She looked at Yang Xiaobing’s red and swollen eyes and then at Li Peng.

“Is what she said true?” she asked softly.

Her voice was neither fast nor slow and there was a sense of surprising calmness.

Li Peng, who usually has a way of dealing with Lin Fei’er, dared not look into her eyes currently.

Li Peng half lowered his head, guilt and heartache shadowing his face. His pupils were filled with pain and he could only hold his hair while murmured, “Fei’er, I…”

Facing Li Peng’s hesitation and fear of explanation, Lin Fei’er stood at the empty corridor. Suddenly, she felt very cold.

It was really cold, even though it was almost May now. However, she who stood there felt like she was in a world of snow.

Lin Fei’er looked at Li Peng steadily, as if wishing he would continue explaining.

Li Peng looked at Lin Fei’er nervously and worriedly, afraid she would collapse that instant.

He knew Lin Fei’er was a person with a strong personality but that moment, she merely stood there, unlike Su Wan, who hadn’t hesitated to slap him.

Li Peng’s heart tightened. His fingers trembled and after a long silence, he forced out a short sentence from between his teeth.

“Fei’er, I’ve done you wrong.”

Lin Fei’er did not think she would hear such a sentence from Li Peng’s mouth one day and it was so hurtful.

She slowly clenched her fists and there was a piercing pain in her palms.

Time seemed to have frozen.

Everyone was silent. Su Wan saw how Lin Fei’er tortured her own hands. She dashed toward Lin Fei’er and tried to loosen her grip.

However, Lin Fei’er broke free from Su Wan. Su Wan looked at her with heartache. Su Wan gaped and understood that sorrow as she had once been betrayed too.

So, she understood how Lin Fei’er felt now but knew Lin Fei’er must be feeling much more pain than she had back then.

However, under such circumstances where they were taken by surprise, Su Wan didn’t know how to console Lin Fei’er.

Everything appeared to be futile and desolate.

Lin Fei’er took a deep breath. She looked at Li Peng and Yang Xiaobing, who was hiding behind him indifferently. She did not cry, not even a tear.

Her heart was empty, painful, sad, and aggrieved. All sorts of emotions appeared in her heart, almost making her faint!

However, Lin Fei’er did not faint. She tried very hard to maintain the last bit of calmness in her mind. She even moved her lips and showed a faint smile.

Li Peng looked at her nervously, hoping Lin Fei’er would scold him or hit him.

Just then, Li Peng heard Lin Fei’er’s question.

“When did the both of you begin your relationship?”

Li Peng was slightly stunned. His look changed very quickly and his voice started to shake slightly.

“Since Xiaobing returned from abroad…”

Upon hearing this, Lin Fei’er’s brain went blank. Li Peng’s ironic words kept circling in her mind.

She felt her heart being pricked by many needles and the sharp pain made it difficult for her to even breathe.

After a long time, Lin Fei’er regained her senses. According to what Li Peng said, he and Xiaobing had an affair before they got married…

Then, why did Li Peng marry her and promise that she would be the only woman he would love for the rest of his life at the wedding ceremony?

Li Fei’er deepened her smile but that smile was more hideous than crying. It was as bitter as gall.

Li Peng saw the miserable smile on Lin Fei’er’s face. There was a sudden pain in his heart. He walked to Lin Fei’er and his hands wrapped hers tightly.

Li Peng suddenly discovered that not only was Lin Fei’er’s face ghastly pale but her hands were also extremely cold.

Yang Xiaobing, who was hiding behind Li Peng, saw his love for Lin Fei’er and her pretty face was filled with anxiety and uneasiness.

If things were to continue developing according to the current situation, she was afraid that Li Peng would manage to win Lin Fei’er’s heart back. By then, how could she keep a foothold and what would happen to her child?

Yang Xiaobing bit her lips and ran toward Lin Fei’er immediately. She knelt down in front of Lin Fei’er.

Yang Xiaobing tilted her face up pitifully. Her weak hand tugged at Lin Fei’er’s skirt.

“Sis Fei’er, I know you love me the most. Could you let me have Brother Peng? I’m a child without a father and know how bitter it is to have no father. I can’t let my child be without a father too.”

“Shut up!”

Hearing what Yang Xiaobing said, Su Wan was both surprised and angry. She quickly parted Yang Xiaobing’s hand from Lin Fei’er’s skirt and pulled her up.

Li Peng had never expected Yang Xiaobing to say such words to Lin Fei’er! She had promised to return to Nanyang once she delivered the baby and would not interrupt his life with Lin Fei’er.

Lin Fei’er half lowered her head and in a trance, looked at the still childish girl beside her.

Sure, she had loved Yang Xiaobing in the past because she thought Yang Xiaobing was adorable, obedient, sensible and pitiful but now, Lin Fei’er thought Yang Xiaobing’s pure and naïve face was filled with enmity, just like a ghost from hell asking for her life.

Suddenly, Lin Fei’er was scared. “Ah!” She screamed loudly and dashed out without turning back.