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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 161 - Abort The Baby

Chapter 161: Abort The Baby

When they arrived at Kang Ping Hospital, Su Wan got down from the car immediately. She waved to Ah Si who drove her there.

“Thank you, Ah Si.”

Ah Si gave her a simple smile.

“You’re most welcome, Young Madam. Remember to give me a call before you’re done.”

Seeing Su Wan’s nod and smile, Ah Si started the car engine and left.

Su Wan carried her handbag and raised her head to look at the signboard of Kang Ping Hospital. Then, she walked into the hospital speedily.

Although it was not a weekend, there were still many patients in Kang Ping Hospital. This hospital was famous for its obstetrics and gynecology. Hence, Su Wan could see many pregnant ladies but at one glance, not even a single pregnant lady was alone without company.

Generally, by the side of every pregnant lady stood a man who supported her, or at least a mother or mother-in-law.

When Su Wan saw Lin Fei’er, who was still sitting outside the clinic waiting for her turn, somehow, she had an indescribable feeling of her sitting alone in the midst of others.

Su Wan walked quickly and sat beside Lin Fei’er. She gazed at her flat stomach.

“I can’t imagine a little life beginning inside. It’s magical.”

Lin Fei’er pursed her lips and smiled.

“I feel it’s magical too. I think the pregnancy will be more obvious after some time.”

Su Wan agreed and nodded. She teased, “By that time, he might be able to stretch his legs and kick you.”

At the thought of a little angel growing in Lin Fei’er’s flat stomach, Su Wan thought that making a baby was a wonderful thing.

“Look at how you say it. It’s like you’ve been pregnant before.”

Lin Fei’er laughed and moved her head closer curiously. “What about you and Jiang Xuecheng? When do you plan to have a child?”

Su Wan blushed. She pointed her fingers at each other stiffly and then shook her head. “Not sure yet…”

“Oh, look at your little blush. You’ve been married for quite some time and both of you are not young students, don’t tell me you don’t have a night life together?”

Li Fei’er sighed and pushed Su Wan’s forehead slightly with her finger.

It was embarrassing for Lin Fei’er to talk about such a thing in public. Su Wan blushed once again…

Just as Su Wan was about to change a topic, the electronic display in the clinic lit up and a mechanical female voice filled the air.

“Number thirty-six, Lin Fei’er, please proceed to room eight. Number thirty-six, Lin Fei’er, please proceed to room eight…”

Hearing Lin Fei’er’s name, Su Wan was stunned. She gently nudged the person next to her.

“It’s your turn. Remember, it’s room eight. Don’t enter the wrong room.”

Lin Fei’er nodded. Her usual fearless face was now nervous. She stood up and walked slowly toward the front desk of the clinic as she handed in her number.

“Nurse, I’m number thirty-six.”

A nurse in white took Lin Fei’er’s number and said casually, “Please go in.”

Lin Fei’er touched the sweat on her palms and turned back to look at Su Wan again before entering the clinic.

Su Wan knew Lin Fei’er was a new mother and no matter how bold and unrestrained she usually was, she would still be scared. She hoped everything would go well during the pregnancy test.

Sitting outside the clinic for some time, Su Wan suddenly felt her stomach aching and wished to go to the washroom.

She raised her head to look at the clinic. She thought that since there were many cases of pregnancy check-ups, Lin Fei’er should take some time and wouldn’t come out so quickly, would she?

Su Wan’s eyes swept across the floor plan of Kang Ping Hospital and realized that the washroom was just two corridors away.

She stood up and took another glance at the clinic door. Then, she walked toward the washroom.

As she was afraid Lin Fei’er would come out while she was in the washroom, Su Wan sent her a text so Lin Fei’er would not worry.

Su Wan felt her stomach getting more and more painful and she walked hastily. Just as she turned at a corner, she accidentally bumped into a man.

“Sorry, sorry…”

While she apologized, she lowered her head in pain. She touched her stomach and was about to turn and leave. Then, she heard a familiar voice.

“It’s okay.”

Wasn’t that Li Peng’s voice?

Su Wan was a voice enthusiast and she had a very strong ability to recognize voices of people she knew. Hence, she was stunned when she heard that voice.

Su Wan raised her head in surprise. Suddenly, both their gazes met.

The man right in front of him had a wide forehead and straight eyebrows. His facial features were not particularly delicate, but when combined together, it had a sustainable beauty. If this was not Li Peng, who else could it be?

Li Peng was obviously surprised to see Su Wan here. He frowned slightly. When he was about to say something, Su Wan shoved her handbag to him as her stomach was extremely painful.

“Senior Li, is there anything wrong with Fei’er’s pregnancy test that she called you here?”

Under the dim light at the corner, Li Peng’s huge body froze and there was complication in his eyes.


Su Wan’s stomach was really painful that moment. Moreover, the light was dim and she had no suspicions about Li Peng’s strange look.

“We’ll talk later. I have to go to the toilet. Please help me hold my handbag. You can return it to me later. Thank you.”

Before her voice died down, Su Wan ran toward the other side of the corridor.

Li Peng gaped. Before he could ask clearly, he saw Su Wan disappearing at the end of the corridor.

He shut his eyes in pain and then lowered his eyes. He felt that the heavens were placing a trick on him.

Recalling what Su Wan had just said, Li Peng looked at the ladies handbag in his hand while he spaced out.

Lin Fei’er was pregnant and she was taking a pregnancy test now…

Just as Li Peng was spacing out, a clear female voice woke him up.

“Brother Peng, the doctor says the baby and I are fine. I simply fainted because I’m too weak. I’ll just have to eat on time and pay attention to my nutrition.”

A pretty and sweet face came into Li Peng’s sight. That girl was young, about seventeen or eighteen years old, and had a kind of naivety.

Li Peng pursed his lips and his look turned bitter. The girl looked at him and worriedly held his hand.

The gentle and faint smile on her face disappeared. Her long eyelashes fluttered and she looked as if she was worried about Li Peng.

“Brother Peng, what’s wrong? Aren’t you happy?”

The girl didn’t know what was wrong with Li Peng. He was alright just a while ago but now, his look was terrifying.

Li Peng looked steadily at the girl’s clean face. He wanted to tell the girl something but did not know how to voice it out.

Initially, he thought the matter was not so complicated but based on the current situation, he had to hurt someone.

Li Peng’s head ached as he massaged his forehead. Then, he supported the girl’s shoulders and sighed heavily.

“Xiaobin, please abort the baby.”