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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 155 - Why Don’t You Sell It To Me?

Chapter 155: Why Don’t You Sell It To Me?

When Su Wan said he was overbearing, Jiang Xuecheng’s brows raised and a smile appeared on his handsome face.

“Thank you, ma’am, for your compliments.”

Su Wan was speechless as she looked at Jiang Xuecheng’s pleased face.

Jiang Xuecheng had ridiculed her for her bad language earlier on but now, he regarded ‘overbearing’ as a good quality. His languages must have been taught by a physical education teacher.

Recalling Jiang Xuecheng’s words, Su Wan’s heart felt warm. This man didn’t feel tired being with her so one lifetime was insufficient and he wanted to continue being tied together in the next life?

Su Wan joyfully pushed the cart. After they had both purchased some other daily supplies, they drove back to Fontainebleau.

This time, they did not buy too much. They merely bought a big bag of things and Jiang Xuecheng took the initiative to hold the big blue bag.

Su Wan had originally walked beside Jiang Xuecheng but today’s sunset was too beautiful and this afternoon, her mood was exceptionally good, having gone out with Jiang Xuecheng, so she slowed down and trailed behind him.

The sunlight shone through the leaves at Fontainebleau and plated a layer of warm, golden halo on Jiang Xuecheng’s body. His shadow was pulled into a long silhouette.

Su Wan saw Jiang Xuecheng’s tall and straight body from half a step behind him and she couldn’t help falling into a daze.

Although she could not see Jiang Xuecheng’s face now, Su Wan felt even his shadow was better looking than all other men she knew.

Su Wan stared at his back and then hit her head. Since the day she was with Jiang Xuecheng, she felt her obsession for the past twenty years had all been directed to this man.

However, Jiang Xuecheng was so handsome, so she couldn’t possibly be blamed, right?

While Su Wan consoled herself, she slowly followed Jiang Xuecheng’s steps. Looking at his mottled shadow from the back, she suddenly became playful.

She opened her mouth wide and couldn’t help stepping on his shadow.

Initially, Jiang Xuecheng did not realize it but after Su Wan took three to four steps, he finally felt the gesture of the little rascal behind him.

Su Wan did not expect Jiang Xuecheng to turn around suddenly. Her eyes widened and she barreled into his wide shoulders.

“Wan Wan, I’ve underestimated your childishness.”

The game of stepping on shadows was a game even high school students were reluctant to play and Su Wan, an adult, was happily playing it.

Su Wan’s ears started to stain red. Although she was indeed what Jiang Xuecheng said, she was reluctant to show weakness. So, she glared at him.

“This is called childlike innocence!”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled faintly and narrowed his eyes, “Hence, it’s still childishness.”

Speechless, Su Wan shook her hands but couldn’t help stepping on Jiang Xuecheng’s shadow again.

Jiang Xuecheng quickly ran around her and away. Su Wan did not have long legs like Jiang Xuecheng and very quickly, she was left a distance behind.

Su Wan chased up, determined not to be left behind. “Don’t run if you have the ability!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xuecheng stopped. Su Wan had not expected him to stop so quickly. She braked but almost tripped.

Su Wan bent down panting and thought the physical strength of women and men was very different. She would never play chasing games with Jiang Xuecheng in the future.

Jiang Xuecheng gazed at Su Wan and stretched out his hand to support her. “Wan Wan, your stamina is too bad. Could you pass the eight hundred meters running test in university?”

Su Wan panted disorderly and thought Jiang Xuecheng’s discernment was scary!

Since young, Su Wan was a good student but was not good in sports. Even in standing long jump, she could only barely pass.

That year, when she arrived at Dong Chen Country, she thought she did not have to take the eight hundred meters running test but in the end, to enhance the stamina of the students, the university required the students to take a twelve-minute running test!

The students had to run one thousand eight hundred meters in twelve minutes to pass the test. Every semester, Su Wan had to train hard with the intention to pass the test. It was very exhausting!

On the day of the test, the minute she completed the one thousand and eight hundred meters, she fell to the ground and lay there. Luckily, her kind roommate helped and supported her back…

At the thought of this, she wanted to shed a tear. “Don’t mention the sad past!”

Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s ashamed and angry expression and instantly understood sports was indeed Su Wan’s weakness. He held Su Wan’s hand and an evil smile appeared on his handsome face.

“No wonder you pass out every night toward the end. How could this work? Next time, let me train you.”

A beast in human clothing was indeed a beast in human clothing!

Jiang Xuecheng could talk about such thing in broad day light. Su Wan saluted him!

She casted a look of shame toward Jiang Xuecheng and tried to switch the topic. “I don’t wish to know what’s on your mind. Please don’t say it. Thank you!”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled disapprovingly. “Wan Wan, you hurt me. Your stamina is poor, I’m totally doing it for your sake!”

Su Wan wanted to counterattack by saying, “Save it for yourself.” However, wouldn’t this involve her too in the end?

Facing the sanctimonious Jiang Xuecheng, Su Wan couldn’t defeat him, so she shut her mouth.

She shook away Jiang Xuecheng’s hand angrily and walked toward their house speedily.

Jiang Xuecheng, on the other hand, smiled interestingly and caught up with Su Wan’s pace.

When they arrived home, Jiang Xuecheng still thought his blue sweater smelt of red chili. So, the moment they entered the house, he requested to take a shower first.

Jiang Xuecheng being a clean freak was no surprise to Su Wan by now. She packed everything that they had bought and then took the little red fish tea cups out to wash before putting them on the table in the living hall.

Su Wan stared at the two little red fish tea cups and was in a daze. Recalling little bits of today, her lips curved up.

Jiang Xuecheng bathed more quickly than Su Wan had imagined. She felt that she had just sat in the living room for a short while when Jiang Xuecheng walked toward her in his white bath robe.

When he walked down the stairs, he looked like a handsome and tall male model.

He had a well-proportioned figure and his skin was farer than many people but his muscles were strong. He didn’t have the look of a frail scholar. On the contrary, every gesture of his was noble and elegant.

Su Wan looked at him and for a moment, she couldn’t hold back her urge to take a photograph of him. So, she took her mobile phone from the table.

Hearing the clicking sound of the shutter, Jiang Xuecheng looked downward and asked, “Did you secretly take a picture of me?”

Su Wan chuckled and shook her head quickly.

“How could this be considered secretly taking your picture? I’m taking it openly. If I were to take this picture to contribute to the magazine, do you think I can make lots of money?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes were deep. He used his finger to brush across Su Wan’s side profile. His voice was low and hoarse.

“If the one buying the photo could get the photographer as a free gift, why don’t you consider selling to me? It’s more valuable.”