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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 154 - Mine The Next Life

Chapter 154: Mine The Next Life

Every time Su Wan got pinched, she would bare her teeth in protest. It was no wonder Jiang Xuecheng was addicted to pinching her.

Her face was pretty and when she protested in this manner, it was no deterrent at all. On the contrary, it made one wish to bully her again.

Su Wan touched her cheeks. Even without the mirror, she knew her face was red and warm at that moment.

It was all Jiang Xuecheng’s fault…

Su Wan pursed her lips in chagrin and then lowered her head. She kept battling with the bowl of rice noodles in front of her, as if taking it as an outlet to vent her displeasure.

Jiang Xuecheng felt Su Wan’s aggrieved look was interesting. His appetite at that moment was not as good as Su Wan’s, so he decided to stop eating and to watch Su Wan.

He stared at Su Wan and a smile slowly appeared in his dark eyes.

He reminded her to eat slowly once in a while as he was worried Su Wan would choke again.

After about ten minutes, Su Wan finally finished her bowl of rice noodles.

After paying, they walked out of the shop. That moment, Jiang Xuecheng thought the air was much fresher without the smell of chili oil!

“Xuecheng, it’s still early. Why don’t we go to the supermarket? Our refrigerator is half-empty.”

Jiang Xuecheng shot her a glance and then at his blue sweater. Jiang Xuecheng did not want to tell her that he wished to go home to take a shower, to get rid of the smoky smell on his body.

Jiang Xuecheng raised his brows and gently warned Su Wan, “Ah Si will help settle the groceries. Just tell him what you wish to eat.”

Su Wan nudged Jiang Xuecheng’s arm. “It’s rare that we are free in the afternoon, can’t we go shopping together?”

Jiang Xuecheng sighed in his heart. Su Wan was an insensitive woman and had obviously not sensed what he really meant…

However, when he saw Su Wan’s eyes on him, he softened his heart and unconsciously nodded. “Alright then.”

He could see a request from Su Wan’s clear eyes and no matter what the request was, he couldn’t decline.

“Xuecheng, you’re so good. I know of a large supermarket chain nearby and I saw it on the way here!”

Jiang Xuecheng smiled and unconsciously, he swept his blue sweater with his hand, trying to remove the smell of chili.

Su Wan was still thinking carefully about what she wanted to buy when she caught Jiang Xuecheng’s little gesture. She looked up in surprise.

“Xuecheng, what’s wrong?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s body froze slightly. He withdrew his hand and turned toward Su Wan. Very quickly, a smile appeared on his face.

“Nothing, let’s go.”

Su Wan followed Jiang Xuecheng without suspicion and they got into the Koenigsegg Agera R together.

Following Su Wan’s directions, Jiang Xuecheng drove his Koenigsegg Agera R speedily on a wide road. After making a turn at the traffic light, they arrived at the underground parking lot of the supermarket.

As today was a working day and at that time, many were still working, the underground parking lot was still empty. Not many people could be seen.

Both of them found a parking spot and took the lift from the ground floor to the fresh food area of the supermarket.

As Su Wan loved to eat meat, Jiang Xuecheng had ordered Ah Si to buy fresh meat regularly. Hence, meat products were never in short supply in Fontainebleau. Instead, vegetables were consumed faster.

Su Wan picked lots of seasonal vegetables and bought some dairy products. She and Jiang Xuecheng pushed the shopping cart together and entered the household department.

“This pair of cups is so cute!”

Su Wan’s vision swept across the shelves with a great variety of colorful products and was finally attracted by a pair of exquisite tea cups.

That pair of tea cups were the color of blue sky after the rain. The cups were engraved with little red fish. The little red fish looked very alive and they stuck their heads out in between the creeping waterweeds.

The cups were arranged in a manner where the little fish on each tea cup was facing the other, as if they were about to kiss.

“Buy them if you like them!”

Jiang Xuecheng examined the little red fish tea cup with his bright eyes.

His low voice entered Su Wan’s ears. She took the pair of tea cups and carefully placed them in the cart.

After walking a few more steps, Su Wan kept starring at the pair of tea cups. A clear laugh appeared on her pretty face.

When Jiang Xuecheng heard Su Wan’s joyful laugh, he stared at Su Wan, puzzled. “It’s just a pair of cups. Why are you so happy?”

Su Wan stopped. She pursed her lips and her eyes kept switching between Jiang Xuecheng and the pair of tea cups.

“Do you know the implied meaning of cups?”

Jiang Xuecheng raised his brows and his dark eyes examined Su Wan. “What implied meaning could cups have?”

Su Wan looked at him silently. A flash of light appeared in her eyes, as if examining if Jiang Xuecheng really did not know or was feigning.

Realizing Jiang Xuecheng was genuinely asking her, a smiled appeared on Su Wan’s face. Since Jiang Xuecheng did not know the implied meaning of a cup, it meant he had no experience in love in the past.

Su Wan coughed seriously and started to clear Jiang Xuecheng’s doubts.

“The Chinese say that ‘a cup’ means ‘a lifetime’. Now that there are two cups and each of us own one, doesn’t it mean we’re destined to be tied to one another our entire lives?”

Jiang Xuecheng examined Su Wan with his head down. Seeing her serious look, he smirked.

“You believe in this?”

The deep male voice came quietly and Su Wan stared at him. In her eyes were ripples and a sad smile appeared on her face.

“I can’t say I believe it. More specifically, it’s a beautiful vision.”

Since the car accident three years ago, Su Wan knew she had undergone some changes.

For example, Su Wan would share a pear with someone in the past but now she would not do it because the Chinese say when you divide your pear, it meant you are “parting with someone”. The current Su Wan could not bear to part with anyone.

Seeing the sad smile on Su Wan’s face, Jiang Xuecheng could feel the silent sorrow.

Jiang Xuecheng half-turned around as if deep in thought. Before Su Wan could react, he stretched his arms and brought Su Wan’s petite body into his embrace.

“Even if we do not have this pair of cups, you’re destined to be tied to me all your life, not only in this life, but the next life too.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s voice remained low and cold but his tone was sonorous, with an unshakable firmness.

This man…

Su Wan spaced out and when she regained her senses, there was a complicated flash of light in the bottom of her eyes. She didn’t know if she was touched or if it was some other emotion?

Jiang Xuecheng hugged her for a long time and finally let go.

Su Wan blushed. She quickly skimmed through her surroundings. Luckily, the supermarket was desolated at this hour and no one noticed them.

Under Jiang Xuecheng’s deep gaze, Su Wan lowered her head shyly.

She took a shallow breath and after recollecting her emotions, said, “How could you be so overbearing and want to care about my next life?”