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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 151 - Insincere Kiss

Chapter 151: Insincere Kiss

From the available clues, Su Wan’s parents’ accident raised many doubts.

Jiang Xuecheng knew this little woman really cared for her parents.

However, Su Wan carried too much burden on her shoulder and he didn’t want to add worries about this matter onto Su Wan.

However, three years had passed. If Jiang Xuecheng wanted to investigate this case all over again, he had to put forth lots of effort and he wasn’t sure when the truth would prevail and the murderer would be caught…

Seeing Su Wan still tired, Jiang Xuecheng pursed his lips. He sat beside Su Wan and massaged her temples.

Jiang Xuecheng’s strength was just right, making Su Wan gradually feel relieved.

Looking at the man massaging her seriously, Su Wan surprisingly looked up. Jiang Xuecheng was good at everything. What on earth would he not know?

“Xuecheng, you haven’t really learned how to massage, have you?”

Jiang Xuecheng narrowed his eyes and looked attentively at Su Wan. “No, I’ll sometimes massage myself when I’m tired after looking at documents.”

Oh, so he had learned the skill on his own…

Her nose was suddenly filled with the man’s cool and pleasant breath. Su Wan’s initial depressed mood was now more relaxed.

Su Wan smiled and tilted her head up while she asked softly, “Xuecheng, have you had your lunch?”

Jiang Xuecheng shook his head, “I left the office hastily and haven’t had the chance to eat. Wan Wan, you haven’t had your lunch too, have you?”

Su Wan nodded slightly and a great idea arose in her mind all of a sudden. “Let’s have our lunch outside, shall we?”

Jiang Xuecheng looked at the clock in the living hall. It was 12.20 pm.

At this hour, the restaurants outside would be filled with people and Jiang Xuecheng disliked noisy and packed places. Moreover, Jiang Xuecheng was picky and the chefs outside might not be as skillful as he was in cooking…

When Su Wan saw hesitation in Jiang Xuecheng, she quickly nudged him and pleaded softly, “Let’s go out and eat, please?”

Jiang Xuecheng stretched out his hand to touch Su Wan’s nose. “Where would you like to go?”

Su Wan flashed a charming smile. “You’ll know in a while. Let’s get changed first.”

Both of them were going out for lunch and it was not a formal occasion, why did they need to change?

Jiang Xuecheng was slightly surprised. He was completely clueless as to what Su Wan was up to.

Su Wan tugged Jiang Xuecheng to the dressing room upstairs. She walked toward Jiang Xuecheng’s clothes and skipped the long row of business suits as she walked toward the sports attire and casual wear.

Su Wan took out a bright blue sweater and put it in front of her. Then, she flashed Jiang Xuecheng a peace sign.

Jiang Xuecheng saw the sweater Su Wan picked and smiled. He didn’t think he had clothes of such bright colors in his closet.

“How about wearing this? Look at the bright color, it would definitely make you look ten years younger!”

Su Wan held the blue sweater and imagined Jiang Xuecheng in it. She couldn’t help shaking her head with joy and thought the scene was really cute!

Hearing the last sentence by Su Wan, Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Wan Wan, are you saying I look old?”

Hearing his threatening tone, Su Wan quickly shook her head. “Of course not, I just thought the usual ones you wear are all dark and gloomy, there isn’t a bit of youthful vigor in them…”

Furthermore, Jiang Xuecheng liked to put on a long face in front of others. His look could freeze a person to death!

Hearing Su Wan’s explanation, Jiang Xuecheng felt helpless.

Could dark and gloomy be considered a compliment?

Su Wan’s use of words was worrying.

Seeing his reluctance, Su Wan quickly ran toward Jiang Xuecheng. She held his hand and continued to convince him with her words.

“Please just wear this. I wish to see how you look in it. I have a sweater in similar color too. They would match perfectly!”

Su Wan had just graduated. Although she had gone through many dark moments, she still possessed the innocence of childhood deep in her bones.

Jiang Xuecheng pursed his lips slightly and examined Su Wan nudging him. He felt she was now like a little kitten asking for food from its master. She looked very charming.

“I’ll consider it if you kiss me.”

When the man’s deep voice entered her ears, Su Wan was taken aback. When she saw Jiang Xuecheng’s brows slanting upward, she immediately understood he meant what he said.

Su Wan blushed. When she thought she could get Jiang Xuecheng to change into the bright blue sweater, she tiptoed immediately and left a swift kiss on Jiang Xuecheng’s cheek.

“Alright, could you change into this now?”

Su Wan moved the blue sweater in her hands slightly. The redness in her face had not subsided.

Jiang Xuecheng stared at Su Wan and there was helplessness in his tone of voice. “You were not sincere when you kissed me.”

Before he could feel it, those soft lips had been withdrawn from his cheek.

“You didn’t specify how I had to kiss you!”

Su Wan glared at him resentfully but Jiang Xuecheng looked back at her with a faint smile, completely unmoved.

Considering her plan, Su Wan pouted. Finally, she tiptoed again and placed her hand on Jiang Xuecheng’s arms.

“Hey, could you lower your head to accommodate to short people like me?”

To be honest, Jiang Xuecheng was very tall. He was almost 1.9 meters tall. Now, she was not wearing high heels. So, a lip to lip kiss with him was something laborious.

Jiang Xuecheng smiled and caressed her hair as he asked, “Did you just find out that you’re short?”

Su Wan rolled her eyes. “It’s you who are too tall! When I wear my high heels, I can even disguise myself as a 1.7-meter-tall goddess!”

“Yes, yes, yes, hello tall goddess. Then, go wear your high heels and try again.”

Although Jiang Xuecheng teased her, he lowered his head after ridiculing her just as she had requested.

Seeing his handsome face nearing, Su Wan’s heart raced. The closer she looked at him, the more she discovered the flawless appearance of this man.

Su Wan’s ears were red. She made up her mind to tiptoe and kissed Jiang Xuecheng on his lips.

Jiang Xuecheng hugged Su Wan. He was obviously in a good mood. His dark eyes sparkled and were dazzling just like the stars in the milky way.

Su Wan initiated the kiss at first but ended up with Jiang Xuecheng domineering it.

Su Wan’s slender body was covered by him. Suddenly, she could hear her heartbeat, it was as if she was beating a drum.

It was so embarrassing. Jiang Xuecheng must have heard it!

Su Wan sighed silently for being useless. She had been with him for such a long time but still lacked resistance toward his good looks.