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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 132 - One Or Two

Chapter 132: One Or Two

Because they had a reservation, coupled with the news of Jiang Xuecheng’s and Su Wan’s marriage that had spread throughout the city, a waitress in uniform greeted them smilingly the moment they entered Golden Sand Entertainment City.

“Hello, Mr. Jiang and Ms. Su, Master Tang is waiting for you. Shall I bring you there now?”

Jiang Xuecheng calmly nodded his head as he and Su Wan followed the waitress.

When they arrived at the third floor, both of them turned to the left and walked a few steps before the waitress stopped. She had a professional and appropriate smile on her face.

“Mr. Jiang, Ms. Su, this is Master Tang’s pre-booked room. If you need anything, you may press the service bell and I’ll be there immediately.”

Su Wan smiled at her and said, “Thank you.”

Those who usually came to this floor were domineering aristocratic people. So, feeling overwhelmed, the waitress nodded, as if surprised that Su Wan thanked her.

“You’re most welcome. This is my responsibility.”

The waitress took two steps and just when Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng were about to push the door and enter, she turned around smilingly and wished them, “Happy marriage! I wish you both an eternity of love and happiness!”

Stunned, Su Wan nodded and a warm current flowed in her heart. She was the first person who had wished them since the announcement of their marriage and she was a stranger.

Good, it seemed that some people in S City had faith in her and Jiang Xuecheng as a couple.

Su Wan raised her head and smiled sweetly at Jiang Xuecheng. Then, they opened the door. Before they entered, Su Wan heard a lyrical female voice speaking English from inside.

This room was a private VIP room in Golden Sand Entertainment City. The room was spacious and its decorations were luxurious.

The entire room was covered in a dim purple light, emitting a sense of mystery and silence. The huge LED screen was changing its display and color as it played the music video of an English song.

As the light was dim, Su Wan stared for a moment before she could make out the figure of a man and a woman in the room.

Tang Yifeng was sitting in the middle sofa. He was wearing a silver-grey tailored suit. From his appearance, he looked handsome and elegant. If he did not have the appearance of a polished scoundrel when he smiled, he could be considered a charming young man.

The woman sat very close to Tang Yifeng and both of them were chatting softly.

As it was a distance away and the woman’s back was facing the door, Su Wan could not see her face but knew she had golden wavy hair.

Su Wan nudged Jiang Xuecheng and asked curiously, “Is she his girlfriend?”

What kind of woman could rein a lady-killer like Tang Yifeng?

Jiang Xuecheng moved his lips but before he could answer, the man and the woman who were seemingly intimate sensed people nearing.

Tang Yifeng turned to look at them but remained seated whereas the woman stood up and held the goblet up in the air as she smiled at Su Wan.

“What did you just say, Ms. Su? I’m not Tang Yifeng’s girlfriend. It has only been a few days and you don’t recognize me already?”

Su Wan hadn’t expected them to hear her as her voice had been soft and the music filled the whole room. She did not expect her hearing to be so sharp.

The woman was wearing a rose madder red V-neck dress. Her face was charming and exquisite. Although there were slight wrinkles in the corners of her eyes, they added special charm to her temperament. Every facial expression of hers was alluring.

This woman was Lu Xiao.

A few days ago, Jiang Xuecheng brought Su Wan to Lu Xiao’s handmade gown store to pick a gown for Su Wan so she could wear it to attend the Beitong charity dinner. He was so picky that he had been verbally attacked by Lu Xiao.

Su Wan looked carefully as it began to register. “Ms. Lu, you’re here! Do you know the polished…er…Mr. Tang?”

Ah, she had almost called him ‘the polished scoundrel’. Su Wan hit her chest gently and rejoiced that she had hit the brakes in time.

Only Jiang Xuecheng who stood beside her knew why she was rejoicing and smiled at her.

Su Wan glared at him immediately, warning him not to expose her.

When Lu Xiao heard Su Wan addressing her as Ms. Lu, she flipped her hair that fell on her shoulders and smiled in disagreement.

“It feels too distant when you call me Ms. Lu. Just call me Sis Lu.”

Lu Xiao’s voice was as charming as her face, charming each person who listened to her. Even Su Wan, a person of the same gender, could not escape.

Su Wan looked at Jiang Xuecheng as if seeking for his help. When she saw that he declined to comment, she thought for a while and called out, “Hello, Sis Lu.”

Lu Xiao smiled and nodded, “Mm, with a pretty little sister like Ms. Su, it is indeed my gain. With me here protecting you, Young Master, don’t you bully my little sister.”

Lu Xiao was a natural socializer, probably because she had to manage the shop alone, taking the role of the shop owner as well as promoter. She had gotten used to being close to people.

Su Wan’s personality was the opposite of hers. She smiled awkwardly being praised by someone who was not very close to her and felt uncomfortable.

Tang Yifeng could stand no more when he saw Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng still standing at the entrance.

He stood up and walked slowly toward the door. He smiled faintly and said, “Today is my birthday. Why are you two still standing at the door? Are you preparing to leave?

Su Wan was stupefied. She examined Tang Yifeng who was wearing a silver-grey suit and did not expect it to be his birthday today!

Moreover, she saw various snacks on the table in front of the sofa but there was no cake!

As she found out too late, a sense of distress flashed through her eyes. She was speechless. Did Jiang Xuecheng, the evil big bad wolf, plan to see her making a fool of herself?

He brought her to his friend’s birthday party but did not inform her in advance.

Su Wan lowered her eyelashes and a genuine but apologetic smile appeared on her face as she began, “Mr. Tang, happy birthday. I’m sorry, I did not bring you a birthday present…”

Just when Su Wan was about to continue, Jiang Xuecheng interrupted and said, “His birthday present is in the car, you don’t have to apologize to him.”

Tang Yifeng saw Su Wan’s bewildered look and immediately understood that Jiang Xuecheng had not informed her. Tang Yifeng exclaimed and stared at both of them.

“What you give is considered yours and what she gives is considered hers, how can it be grouped as one? Su Wan, if you have forgotten to bring the present, you can pass it to me another day.”

Su Wan was about to nod in agreement but Jiang Xuecheng beat her to it. He spoke with a calm and graceful voice, “Wan Wan and I are husband and wife. One gift is enough.”