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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 120 - Not Giving Them Face

Chapter 120: Not Giving Them Face

Mr. Zhang, Mr. Wang, and Mr. Ouyang were the biggest shareholders in Sheng Yuan Group besides the Su family members.

Jiang Xuecheng had used some methods to get them to transfer Sheng Yuan’s shares under Su Wan’s name.

Now, Su Wan held forty-six percent of Sheng Yuan Group’s shares and was officially the biggest shareholder. On the other hand, Su Yurou’s family and Su Heng had a mere total of thirty-seven percent!

As the biggest shareholder of Sheng Yuan Group, not only had she the right to make decisions but she also had the power to determine if one could stay or leave. She even had the power to remove Su Jiankai as the CEO!

No wonder Su Jiankai was so angry that he fainted when he saw the agreement.

He had tried hard to plan for several years and in the end, he was told all his efforts were in vain. How could he control his emotions?

When Su Yurou heard what Jiang Xuecheng had uttered and how he easily replaced the owner of Sheng Yuan Group, her gentle and charming face darkened that instant. Her initially teary eyes were filled with fury.

Su Yurou trembled. She placed Su Jiankai carefully on the ground and with a face full of determination, she dashed toward Su Wan like a mad woman!

Why was it so unfair? What right did Su Wan have to lead a smooth sailing life?

Since young, Gu Zihang liked her little cousin sister first and his eyes had always been fixed on Su Wan, never on her.

Then, with great difficulty, her father took over the control of Sheng Yuan Group and she managed to snatch Gu Zihang. She thought she had Su Wan crushed below her feet but never had she expected Su Wan to climb up a huge tree—Jiang Xuecheng!

Why was she so lucky?

The more Su Yurou thought about it, the angrier she become. Her beautiful face was distorted because of hatred and jealousy!

“Su Wan, you b*tch! I’ll kill you!”

Slap! A loud sound was heard but that palm did not fall on Su Wan’s face.

“Ouch, my face!”

A clear pain could be felt on her cheek. Su Yurou couldn’t help screaming and her scream rang through the whole hall in Phoenix Hotel!

Su Yurou had not thought a bodyguard in black would appear to catch her hand speedily before she could reach Su Wan.

Then, another bodyguard in black raised his palm and mercilessly slapped her!

Su Yurou’s usual charming face was now swollen!

How dare they?

She was the young missy of Sheng Yuan Group and the official young madam of Gu Group!

Su Yurou glared at the bodyguards but they were tall and strong and their appalling look restrained her from acting rashly.

At the thought of her suffering, she couldn’t help but tremble. Then, she staggered backward, covered her swollen face, and screamed!

However, the red palm print was so vivid, how could she cover it?

Everyone present widened their eyes in disbelief. It was as if their mouths were sealed and the entire hall was deathly still.

Goodness! Not only was the young master arrogant, his bodyguards were unbridled…

No matter what, Su Yurou was the main character of today’s engagement party but Jiang Xuecheng had allowed his bodyguards to slap her!

Today’s engagement party would definitely make the headlines in various major newspapers in S City tomorrow.

Today, one thing happened after another, shocking the guests!

Su Yurou was aggrieved and angry at the same time. Her tears fell like a broken string of beads. She bit her thin lips slightly and she looked toward Jiang Xuecheng, who was protecting Su Wan.

“Young Master, how could you allow your subordinate to slap me?”

Seeing Su Yurou’s tears and pale face, there wasn’t a bit of pity in Jiang Xuecheng’s heart.

Huh, now she knew how to pretend to be pitiful! She should have thought of the consequences when she wanted to slap Su Wan just a while ago!

Jiang Xuecheng held Su Wan’s hand. His tyrannical eyes made Su Yurou shiver within.

“It seems your memory is poor. If you hadn’t done it first, your face would not have that palm print…”

Jiang Xuecheng’s voice was low and deep but his words were infuriating!

Su Yurou clenched her fists tightly. She felt that the scene of Jiang Xuecheng protecting Su Wan was extremely unpleasant to look at. She cried as she dashed into Gu Zihang’s embrace. Her eyes were all red from crying.

When Gu Zihang saw Su Yurou dashing towards him, he regained his senses. He quickly hugged Su Yurou and with an aching heart, he examined the injury on her cheek.

The guests kept shifting their gazes between Su Yurou, Su Wan, Jiang Xuecheng, and Gu Zihang.

When the majority of the guests saw Su Yurou’s miserable state, they couldn’t help but feel sympathetic towards her.

The young master was too cold-blooded. Su Yurou was a weak woman and it was her engagement party today. Even though she had tried to slap Su Wan just now, hadn’t she been blocked by the bodyguard?

As Su Yurou’s fiancé, Gu Zihang finally remembered his responsibility as a man.

He glared fiercely at Jiang Xuecheng, “Mr. Jiang, you are cruel. What kind of gentleman are you to allow your subordinate to hit a woman? From now on, we are enemies!”

“Many people say I’m cruel behind my back but you’re the first to tell me openly. However, before you challenge me, why don’t you weigh your own abilities first?”

Jiang Xuecheng shot Gu Zihang a look with obvious ridicule in his eyes.

That pair of clear eyes were sharp and a look at them made one wish to submit to him.

When Gu Zihang heard Jiang Xuecheng’s reply, his face was long.


Jiang Xuecheng was extremely arrogant but Gu Zihang was tongue tied and did not know how to respond!

In a daze, Su Wan stared at her husband. She was extremely touched by how he had defended her but at the same time, she was worried.

What Jiang Xuecheng did earlier had really been too arrogant. She had heard that the Jiang family had always been strict. Today, Jiang Xuecheng had caused a scene here for her sake. How should she explain this to the Jiang family seniors later?

As if understanding her, Jiang Xuecheng had guessed her worries. He smiled and whispered close to her ear, “Don’t worry, I’ll deal with that.”

Du Huimin, who stood by the side, saw how Jiang Xuecheng ridiculed her son. Finally, she could no longer stand it.

However, due to Jiang Xuecheng’s coercion, Du Huimin could only plead for restoration of peace with her head down.

“Mr. Jiang, for the sake of our past relationship, could we end this here?”

“I don’t think I have any relations with you.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s faint voice was graceful and pleasant but to the arrogant Du Huimin, it was like a slap to her face in public.

Du Huimin’s dignified look was instantly replaced with awkwardness!

This junior, Jiang Xuecheng, did not even give her face!