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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 111 - To Covet Gains Ahead Without Being Aware Of The Dangers Behind (Part 1)

Chapter 111: To Covet Gains Ahead Without Being Aware Of The Dangers Behind (Part 1)

Meng Bin looked around at the guests and turned towards Jiang Xuecheng. “What do you mean, Young Master?”

Meng Bin looked hesitant. There were many people present and although he was the mayor of S City, he could not decide to bring forward the presentation of the bidding proposals all of a sudden.

Without waiting for Meng Bin to think, Jiang Xuecheng’s deep voice echoed in his ears.

“The charity dinner is held to celebrate the bidding. Since it has been quite a while, why don’t we start now?”

As he spoke, his handsome face was more indifferent. Meng Bin felt cold being stared by him.

This tone of voice was not one that could be negotiated with…

Meng Bin was in a trance. Unconsciously, he examined Su Wan, who was standing behind Jiang Xuecheng.

If not for this woman called Su Wan, Jiang Xuecheng would not make such a rash decision, would he?

He had never thought a man who was as cold as ice like Jiang Xuecheng would one day fall in love like a little boy who had just experienced the first awakening of love.

Meng Bin sighed in his heart and finally nodded smilingly. “Ladies and gentlemen, I think that the young master’s idea is splendid. Since everyone is still here, why not attend the Beitong Development Zone’s presentation of bidding proposals?”

Everyone was taken aback. They had not expected things to happen in such manner!

The charity dinner was halfway through, why did they suddenly want to have the tender meeting?

Many of the guests who attended tonight’s charity dinner were here to socialize and they had planned to go home when the dinner was over but they had now been forcibly invited to watch!

Everyone knew the companies which were truly capable of getting the right to develop Beitong were Long Teng International under the Di Chen Group as well as Gu Group and Lu Group.

They heard that the bid writers of the Gu Group and the Lu Group were very experienced planners with brilliant credentials but on the other hand, Long Teng International chose a little girl called Su Wan to write its proposal.

Su Wan looked like a fresh graduate. How could the prudent Jiang Xiecheng select her for this battle?

No matter what, a great drama would happen tonight. To join in the fun, everyone stayed back.

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan who was behind him. His voice was deep.

“Miss Su, get ready backstage.”

Su Wan saw the handsome face and she smiled respectfully, showing her slight dimples. “Yes, Mr. Jiang.”

She could finally change into her business outfit!

To be honest, a gown looked pretty but it was burdensome wearing it. Su Wan didn’t really like it.

Su Yurou saw Su Wan walking calmly away and she glanced at her back with hatred. Hmph! Let this woman be pleased for a little while more. Let her wait tillit was Gu Group’s turn to present. She wanted to see if Su Wan could still laugh by then!

To get the Beitong project, they had planned for a long time. Now, it was time to see that plan flourish!

So, Beitong Development Zone’s tender meeting started hastily under the different expectations of the audience.

Luckily, the employees of the International Exhibition Center had highly efficient executional abilities and coupled with their sufficient preparation before the tender meeting, they were not in chaos because of Jiang Xuecheng’s sudden decision.

Su Wan went to the changing room backstage. She changed into a black business suit which she had brought earlier. She let down her waist-long black hair and tied it up into a slick bun.

She pursed her lips slightly. Due to her dressing, she looked steady and capable with the demeanor of a strong career woman.

Su Wan held her fist gently and encouraged herself in her heart. ‘Come on Su Wan, today is the time for you to show your strength!’

After changing, Su Wan opened the door and was about to return to the hall when she met Su Yurou, who had come to change too.

Su Wan darted a look at Su Yurou, who had Gu Zihang’s outer suit draped over her. She was not surprised to meet her here. Su Wan’s smile disappeared and she did not have the intention to talk.

Su Wan straightened her back and looked straight. With strong steps, she walked past Su Yurou.

Su Wan ignored her, probably because she had suffered too many blows today. Su Yurou’s emotions changed drastically, showing her hideous look which was completely different from the sobbing, gentle, and weak look she had showed a while ago!

“Su Wan, don’t be too quick at being pleased with yourself! Even if Jiang Xuecheng protects you, you are an abandoned member of the Su family! Wait till you go through the presentation of the bidding proposal, you’ll become an abandoned employee of Di Chen Group!”

Su Wan’s fingers trembled slightly. It was fortunate that Ye Shanshan had told her about the stealing of her draft proposal or she would never had understood what Su Yurou meant when she uttered the second half of the sentence. If not for that reminder, Su Yurou would probably have had a successful conspiracy with the help of Ji Qing in the office.

Even the heavens were helping her! Moreover, Jiang Xuecheng was here, she should have no fear.

Su Wan’s state of mind became firmer. No matter how Su Yurou cried out hysterically, she did not turn around.

When she saw Su Wan’s steady steps, as if unaffected by what she said, Su Yurou’s jealousy spread widely.

Hmph! She hated to see Su Wan acting high and mighty. Let’s wait, Su Wan would sooner or later be pulled to the ground.


After that small episode, when Su Wan returned to the hall, three companies had already presented.

She walked toward Jiang Xuecheng who sat in the front row. She nodded and silently sat down in the second place from his right.

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes were moving. Since Su Wan returned, they had not talked.

With an empty seat between them, their distance became subtle. Both of them interacted with their eyes and no one could see their intimacy.

About ten minutes after Su Wan sat down, she saw Gu Zihang in a suit and leather shoes walking up the stage.

As Su Wan had expected, Gu Zihang used her draft for the design of Beitong.

However, compared to her first draft, they had obviously touched it up and made her unrefined draft better.

On stage, Gu Zihang was smiling and on the electronic screen, he displayed and explained the design of his proposal to the audience.

His voice was deep and strong. As the audience listened, their emotions were driven by him and they nodded in approval.

After Gu Zihang’s presentation, the audience gave him a round of applause. The only two people who did not clap were Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng.

Because of the special arrangement, Su Wan was behind Gu Zihang. So, when Gu Zihang walked down the stairs, Su Wan got up and walked towards the stage.

Both of them brushed past one another smilingly but Gu Zihang’s smile had an obvious sense of provocation while Su Wan’s smile was one that could not be read.

Gu Zihang felt the strangeness of her silence and a sudden clap of thunder flashed through his heart.