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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Take Her Away

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The sky was hazy. On the wet streets, there were occasional hasty passers-by.

At that moment, a young couple saw Su Wan. The girl smiled charmingly at her boyfriend and exclaimed, “Look, there’s a mad woman over there.”

The girl’s boyfriend caressed her hair and with his arms around her, walked past Su Wan, “Yup, it’s raining heavily now. She didn’t carry an umbrella and is even squatting here. Let’s go quickly, we don’t want to get her negative vibes.”

Hearing the ridicule of these passers-by, Su Wan realized she was extremely unkempt and looked like a homeless person.

She was at a loss. She hugged her knees and was panic-stricken. Everything she saw was an overcast grey.

It would be wonderful if she were really mad. At least, she wouldn’t feel upset like how she felt now when she heard what Gu Zihang and her relatives had said.

Now, she had no money, she couldn’t go home, and her phone was out of order. She could only wait and hope Fei’er could find her. ‘Please have mercy on me!’

On the other end of the phone, Jiang Xuecheng had a strange feeling, as he had not thought Su Wan would call him. It had only been half a day—had Su Wan regretted tearing the check?

When he taught of his inexplicable attraction to Su Wan, Jiang Xuecheng’s intuition told him that Su Wan was not a person like this. Of course, if she were to ask for the check, he would satisfy her request.

However, he would be disappointed.

Jiang Xuecheng only pondered for a short while before he answered the call. On the other end, he could hear the sound of the pouring rain and the woman’s weak voice. It was unlike her energetic voice earlier that afternoon.

Over the phone, Jiang Xuecheng could make out Su Wan’s suppressed agony and sadness.

Only half a day had passed, what happened to her? This woman was facing a plight and had nowhere to go. She had even called the wrong number…

Just as Jiang Xuecheng was about to ask Su Wan for the address, the woman had ended the call!


Jing Xuecheng analyzed a few possibilities in his mind. Then, he scrolled through his phone a few times and started to give Ah Si orders.

“Ah Si, please check the location of the owner of the phone number 135…7860. Give me an immediate answer!”

Ah Si was clueless. He had not seen his young master in such extreme anxiety before.

However, he put his uncertainties aside. Ah Si was indeed capable and efficient when it came to work.

In less than five minutes, Ah Si was able to locate the phone owner. “Young Master, the owner is at Wenjing East Road. I’ve sent you the GPS coordinates.”

Once he received the GPS coordinates, Jiang Xuecheng drove his black Koenigsegg Agera R and sped from the car park toward his destination.

When he arrived at Wenjing East Road, Jiang Xuecheng parked his car and opened his black umbrella. His eyes swept across the streets in search for Su Wan.

There was probably a certain connection between them, for Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s frail figure at once. She was squatting beneath a street lamp.

Although she still had the same clothing on, she was drenched in rain. Her head hung down and her hair was messy. She didn’t look exquisite and attractive like she did in the afternoon.

What was wrong with this woman’s brain?!

There were many eaves for taking shelter under but she chose to torture herself in the rain?

Jiang Xuecheng’s anger flared up. He took big steps toward Su Wan.

Su Wan could sense someone nearing. She raised her head slightly and with her blurred vision, she saw a tall man wearing a light grey trench coat standing in front of her.

It was not Fei’er. Su Wan’s mouth shrugged in disappointment. She blanked out and her body fell backwards.

What had this woman been doing? He hadn’t seen her for half a day and she had become a pitiful sight. He would rather see Su Wan’s non-likeable appearance in the morning than her weak and unkempt appearance now.

When his eyes met her hazy eyes, Jiang Xuecheng’s cold look slowly relaxed and his anger slowly faded. His intention to reprimand her had disappeared.

Jiang Xuecheng stared at Su Wan and was about to pull her up before she collapsed.

Had she been drenched in the rain for long enough to lose her consciousness?

Jiang Xuecheng was slightly shocked. He quickly brought Su Wan into his embrace.

He immediately removed his light gray fine cashmere coat and wrapped it around the wet Su Wan tightly.

With one hand holding the umbrella and another carrying Su Wan, Jiang Xuecheng walked slowly toward his car.

He tilted the umbrella to block Su Wan from the cold rain without bothering about the rain dripping on himself.

In the vast rain, they were the only two left. A girl who walked past them saw Jiang Xuecheng and was infatuated by him. She couldn’t take her eyes off him and how he carefully held the unkempt lady in his arms.

He was silent and extremely tender, protecting the lady as if she was his whole world.

They really weren’t shooting a movie?

The girl who passed by looked in amazement at the elegant and perfect man bringing Su Wan onto the car.

The quiet and luxurious Koenigsegg Agera R drove away. To the girl, all that happened earlier on was like her illusion.

Jiang Xuecheng adjusted the seat so Su Wan could lie down. Then, he chose a comfortable position for her and fastened her seat belt.

After all these, Jiang Xuecheng started his engine. He stepped on the accelerator and sped up.

The traffic on the streets were congested as it was a rainy day but with his driving skills, they arrived at Fontainebleau very quickly.

The security guard knew Jiang Xuecheng very well and had raised the barrier before the car arrived.

Jiang Xuecheng drove into his private mansion. He stopped his car and carried the unconscious Su Wan in his arms. The woman in his arms was very light.

He carried Su Wan upstairs and placed her down gently. Su Wan tugged on his hand and her lips moved a little, saying something Jiang Xuecheng couldn’t make out.

Jiang Xuecheng looked at her. He saw the creases on her forehead and she looked like she was suffering…

Jiang Xuecheng moved closer toward Su Wan’s face and heard her repeating softly, “Don’t go, don’t leave me.”

Her voice was soft but she sounded like she was pleading.

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes darkened. What happened?

Suddenly, Jiang Xuecheng found blood on his hand. He let out a low curse.

Did this woman have the inclination to torture herself? Was it fun to dig her own fingers into her palms?

Jiang Xuecheng cautiously moved his hand. He first wiped off the blood stain with a clean, soft towel. Then, he called Ah Si.

“Ah Si, I’m at Fontainebleau. Bring me a set of ladies clothing and a pair of ladies shoes. Ask Aunty Fang to come over.”

After he ended his call, Jiang Xuecheng took a white velvet bathrobe from his wardrobe and went downstairs to boil water for Su Wan.