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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 107 - Su Wan, I Advise You To Be More Sensible!

Chapter 107: Su Wan, I Advise You To Be More Sensible!

Hearing this string of questions, Su Wan recollected her emotions. Then, she recalled how Su Yurou had casted malicious words to injure her and distort the truth.

However, she was not as angry as she had imagined but was rather unimaginably calm.

Su Wan took out a tissue to wipe away the water droplets on her hands. The faint smell of mint from the soap now wafted in the air.

Su Yurou hated Su Wan’s calm look the most. She thought she had hit Su Wan’s sore spot till she was speechless.

After smiling coldly, Su Yurou took out a lipstick and was about to touch up her lips while looking into the mirror.

“Su Wan, I advise you to be more sensible. Without the Su family, you’re nobody. Don’t you know that you no longer exist in Grandfather’s eyes? The only granddaughter in the Su family now is me. What are you?”

Su Wan was originally very calm but when Su Yurou mentioned her grandfather, her body froze. Her grandfather and grandmother were the only two people left whom Su Wan still did not give up on.

Su Wan clenched her fists tightly and the flame of fury in her eyes started to rise.

“Su Yurou, have you said enough?”

“Of course not!”

Looking at Su Wan’s calm face breaking up, Su Yurou was pleased with herself. She flipped her hair and her smile was insolent.

“Su Wan, if you’re wise, you should roll back to the mental hospital in Dong Chen. Grandfather and I might still take pity on you. Now, there’s no place for you in S City, and not even in Jiuzhou!”

Hearing this, pain pierced Su Wan’s heart. Ah, so, this was her relative.

Su Wan pursed her lips and finally recovered from the throbbing pain in the bottom of her heart.

“Su Yurou, do you wish to know why Jiang Xuecheng brought me here today?”

Su Yurou, who was touching up her makeup, heard this and her pupils contracted!

She put down the foundation in her hand. Jealousy raided the bottom of her heart.

She had to admit when she saw Jiang Xuecheng bringing Su Wan to attend tonight’s function, it stabbed her heart deeply.

Jiang Xuecheng was such a perfect man. Which girl did not wish to stand by his side? Rumors said he was a gay but his name on the list of bachelors in the Aristocrat Magazine had never been replaced.

Wherever Jiang Xuecheng went, he would strip glory from other men! Even the dragon of the human world, Gu Zihang, had to trail behind him.


Su Yurou asked anxiously as she wanted to know why Jiang Xuecheng would bring Su Wan to such a function.

Su Wan showed her calm face. She quickly took the mint liquid hand soap beside her, then unscrewed the cap and poured it down directly on Su Yurou’s head!

Su Yurou had never thought the calm and gentle Su Wan would do such thing to strike back. Hence, she was caught off guard!

The green liquid hand soap flowed down onto Su Yurou’s body, wetting her tidily tied hair and evening gown.

After a while, Su Yurou broke into a sharp scream. She raised her hand, unable to believe that the green monster in the mirror was her.

She had just touched up her flawless makeup and with Su Wan’s gesture, it was all ruined!

Su Yurou treasured her looks the most. She touched her cheeks and angry flames rose in her eyes.

“Su Wan, I want to kill you. How dare you treat me like this?”

“Why not?”

Looking at Su Yurou, who was covered in filth and had gone insane, Su Wan laughed coldly. She felt very comfortable within.

She felt this was the best thing she had ever done since the day she returned from abroad!

Actions were indeed better than words!

It was satisfying!

Hearing the arrogant reply, Su Yurou got angrier. She raised her hand high, thinking of slapping Su Wan and using her fingernails to scratch Su Wan’s cheeks!

Su Wan was of course prepared for this. She deftly caught Su Yurou’s wrist, giving her no way to move!

Su Yurou stamped her feet but she realized she could not shake Su Wan off!

Su Wan was much stronger than the spoiled young missy, Su Yurou, perhaps because she had gotten used to carrying water by herself those three years when she was in Dong Chen Country.

Su Yurou’s fine face was now burning with anger and had turned maroon. She glared at Su Wan fiercely and the hostility in her was so thick, it was frightening.

“I’ll tell Gu Zihang about this and let him punish you!’

Su Wan smiled. She had thought too highly of Su Yurou. Did Su Yurou think they were still in high school and Gu Zihang was the class teacher?

It was ridiculous. Su Wan was a person who would not create trouble but when trouble came, she would not be afraid. Even if her grandfather was here, he wouldn’t be able to control her, what more Gu Zihang?

The day she returned to Jing Yuan, her heart had turned cold. Since they had abandoned her, why should she be kind to them?

Just when Su Wan and Su Yurou were confronting one another, the sound of footsteps could be heard. The sound seemed to come from a pair of leather shoes. It sounded steady and the person approaching was definitely a man.

Su Yurou looked pleased. She thought it must be Gu Zihang coming to search for her because she had left for too long. She glared fiercely at Su Wan and her eyes were filled with provocation.

Su Wan was not bothered about who was approaching them. She calculated the moment that the person would enter. Although she was still holding Su Yurou’s hand, the smile on her face became gentle.

“Sis, you’re so careless, knocking over the bottle of hand soap like that.”

Su Yurou widened her eyes. She did not expect Su Wan to still have the mood to play the drama of sisterhood!

Su Wan did not care what Su Yurou was thinking. She took a piece of tissue and wiped the liquid hand soap off Su Yurou’s face while smiling gently.

However, she had made up her mind not to let Su Yurou have an easy time. She seemed to be helping Su Yurou wipe the liquid soap off but in reality, she was purposely spreading the liquid soap to other parts of Su Yurou’s face!

Su Yurou looked at her messy self in the mirror and was about to scold Su Wan sternly. Just then, the man entered.

It was not Gu Zihang whom Su Yurou was waiting for but the mayor of S City, Meng Bin.

No matter how angry she was, Su Yurou was not willing to expose her natural character. She swallowed her angry words and switched to her usual tender expression. She then squeezed a few drops of pitiful tears from her eyes.

“Mr. Mayor, you have to do me justice. You don’t know what this crazy woman did to me!”

However, Su Yurou had overestimated her feigning ability and had forgotten that the man standing in front of her was Meng Bin, not Gu Zihang.

At that moment, she did not have her exquisite appearance and when she did this, she looked ugly and could not arouse the man’s sympathy.