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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Dialed The Wrong Number

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Everyone in the living hall did not expect Su Wan to leave just like that. As an elder, Su Heng was both shocked and furious. Gu Zihang dashed out once he regained his senses. Su Yurou, who was beside him, quickly followed.

However, beyond everyone’s expectations, Su Wan’s petite body was like a weightless leaf—once blown by the wind, it disappears in the rain.

Understanding Gu Zihang’s anxiety, Su Yurou frowned and seemed worried.

“It’s all my fault. I’ve forgotten that Wan is still a sick patient. Her mental condition is at its weakest now. I shouldn’t have provoked her.”

Gu Zihang’s face fell a little. His heart ached seeing her weep. He stroked Su Yurou’s back and started to console her.

“Yurou, how could I blame you? We had both decided to be together. Nobody had expected Wan to come home today.”

Gu Zihang looked at the misty sky and the downpour outside. He began to feel worried. “Wan is still young and she has the most arrogant personality. Where could she go in this heavy rain? I’ve got to look for her…”

When she heard that Gu Zihang wanted to go out to look for Su Wan, Su Yurou was startled. Subconsciously, she didn’t want Gu Zihang to look for Su Wan.

She had firmly grasped this outstanding man’s heart after all the trouble. How could she allow them to get back together?

When she thought of this, Su Yurou was panic-stricken. She tugged on Gu Zihang’s sleeve and pleaded, “Zihang, please don’t go.”

Gu Zihang turned around and looked at Su Yurou, puzzled.

Su Yurou managed to hide her nervousness behind a mask of thoughtfulness.

“Zihang, you’ve just recovered from your cold. It’s raining heavily now and you’ll fall sick again. I’ll ask Uncle Fu and the security guard to search together. Wan has just left, they can definitely find her.”

Su Yurou’s explanation was reasonable, so Gu Zihang returned to the living hall with her.

On the other side, Su Wan dashed out of the house and ran aimlessly.

The downpour was intense but Su Wan didn’t know where she could go. The rain hit her face and slid down her cheeks. For a moment, Su Wan couldn’t differentiate between the rain and her tears.

She and Gu Zihang had an admirable past and many sweet memories but now, all that was left was unforgettable desolation.

They were once a couple everyone thought would succeed and they had even reached the stage of seeing each other’s parents and discussing marriage.

The current Gu Zihang could say such hurtful words.

“You were still young back then. I’ve always treated you as my little sister.”

“Let the past be the past.”

“Yurou is already mine…”

Those three sentences kept ringing in Su Wan’s ear, weighing Su Wan’s heart down.

Su Wan’s mind went blank for a good while.

Her body trembled intensely and that moment, flashing through her eyes were her strict grandfather, her silent grandmother, her cousin sister who nestled demurely in Gu Zihang’s embrace, her indifferent uncle who was a bystander, and the man who had broken her heart…

Gu Zihang, that man who used to always bite his tongue, could say such hurtful words.

Gu Zihang had once promised to marry her. Gu Zihang’s parents and her parents had privately exchanged ideas and arranged for their engagement. They had agreed to hold an engagement party after Su Wan’s graduation.

Who could have foreseen Su Wan’s parents meeting an accident and subsequently, Su Wan developing depression due to that?

They had seen doctors in Jiuzhou but to no avail. Hence, her grandfather, Su Heng, decided to send Su Wan to Dong Chen Country so she could further her studies while receiving treatment for her depression.

Three years abroad had given Su Wan time to bury the sad past at the bottom of her heart and she had finally overcome her depression. However, who could have thought that such a big blow would have welcomed her once she returned home?

As she contemplated, Su Wan accidentally fell onto the cold muddy road. Su Wan dragged herself up and ran down the hill.

Just as she ran past the guard house, the security guard who was making tea saw a figure out of the window and was stunned.

The rain was heavy. Who could this crazy woman whose hair was in a mess and who was not carrying an umbrella be?

The security guard couldn’t recognize this girl. He couldn’t link this girl to Su Wan, whom he had mistaken to be a swindler.

By the time the security guard received Su Yurou’s call, it was half an hour later and Su Wan was out of sight.

Su Wan had left Cloud Shadow Villa, running aimlessly. When she could not run anymore, she stood absent-mindedly in the cold wind. She had no idea where she was and where she could go.

Su Wan clasped her hands tightly together and her nails dug into her flesh but she couldn’t feel anything. She slowly crouched and felt her world tumbling down.

Some time had passed but the rain had not stopped. Su Wan’s mind was clearer by now. She finally decided to first find a place to settle down.

However, when she reached into her pocket, her purse wasn’t with her!

Su Wan laughed bitterly. She had probably lost her purse while running.

She took her phone out and wanted to make a call. When she scrolled through her phone, the first few names which she saw on her contact list were Gu Zihang, Su Yurou, and Grandfather…

Su Wan started to feel intense pain in her heart, as if it were cut by a blunt knife.

Scrolling further down, Su Wan saw her maternal grandparents’ names, but they lived in the neighboring A City. They were too far to reach out to. Su Wan dared not worry them as she was really unkempt at the moment.

Su Wan didn’t know who to seek help from but suddenly, she thought of her good friend from high school, Lin Fei’er. Fei’er was cheerful and loyal to friends. She would help her, wouldn’t she?

In the rain, Su Wan placed her phone in front of her. She strenuously opened her eyes and started to look for Lin Fei’er’s name on her contact list.

When she saw Lin Fei’er’s name, Su Wan was overjoyed and quickly pressed her number.

However, as the rain was pouring on her phone screen, Su Wan did not realize that she had pressed the wrong number!

Su Wan carelessly placed her phone by her right ear and she didn’t know that she had dialed Jiang Xuecheng’s number!

No matter what, when the call got through, Su Wan asked softly, “Are you Fei’er? I’m Su Wan. I don’t know where to go now. Fei’er, can you please temporarily take me in?”

What surprised Su Wan was a deep and magnetic male voice on the other side of the phone. “Where are you now?”

Did Fei’er have a boyfriend?

Su Wan did not suspect anything. She looked around and hesitated. “I’m not sure of my exact location, but this place is not far from Cloud Shadow Villa and there’s a pharmacy nearby…”

Just as Su Wan was about to provide a few more landmarks, she heard a busy tone on her phone. She pulled her phone away from her ear to discover that the screen of her phone had turned blank!

That was it. Due to being soaked by the rain, her phone had gone out of order…