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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 1 - The Mysterious Man

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Man

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The cool March breeze lightly grazed Su Wan’s skin the moment she got off her plane in S City. With the breeze against her skin, she felt a sudden warmth enveloping her.

It was nearly 11 pm but the streets in S City were still brightly lit and crowded with people. Su Wan was astonished as she stood on the bridge, looking at the tall buildings surrounding her.

She had stayed in S City for eighteen years. It had only been three years that she had not seen the city and she felt a strangeness as if generations had passed.

Su Wan took a deep breath. She tightened the light purple scarf around her neck and called the hotel she had reserved for herself earlier.

“Hello, is this Lifetime Affinity Hotel? I’m Miss Su. I’ve reserved Room 03 yesterday. I’ll be arriving soon. Could you please have it cleaned up?”

“Of course.” Su Wan ended the call calmly yet there was a sense of loneliness in her appearance.

Looking at the ripples made by the running water under the moonlight below the bridge, Su Wan sighed. She and her parents were once regular passers-by of this bridge but now, nothing had changed but the people.

She did not inform anyone of her return from Dong Chen Country, perhaps because she didn’t want to disturb her grandparents.

Her time of arrival was pretty late and if her grandparents were to receive her that night, Su Wan would be worried. So, she pre-reserved the hotel room and thought that she would pack her things before returning to her house which she had not seen for years.

Just as Su Wan turned around, ready to hail a taxi, she saw a man in a black windbreaker walking toward her. He was tall and his body was swaying a little.

Was this man drunk?

Su Wan blinked, feeling uncertain. The man swept past her and walked quickly toward the railings on the bridge. His body started to rise and fall severely.

From Su Wan’s perspective, the man looked as if he was going to jump down the river.

Based on the windbreaker he was wearing, he looked like he was from a well-to-do family. Was he heartbroken?

Although Su Wan did not think of herself as Mother Mary, she couldn’t bring herself to ignore if someone was about to commit suicide in front of her.

Su Wan frowned slightly and dashed anxiously toward the man.

“Mister, don’t take things too hard. Maybe I can help you.”

Just when Su Wan wanted to continue consoling and advising the man in black, she saw that the man was not committing suicide but rather, he was taking off his black windbreaker. Under the windbreaker was a properly ironed smoky gray shirt.

The man threw his black windbreaker into the river! Su Wan heard the splashing of water upon the falling of the clothing into the river.

What was the man trying to do?

Before Su Wan could get an answer, her wrist was tugged by someone.

Su Wan’s brain froze when the tall man’s shadow towered over her. By the time she realized something was not right and tried to resist, she had been forced to the railings on the lower part of the bridge.

The man held her tightly. As both their sizes and strengths differed greatly, Su Wan couldn’t even fight back.

Could it be that this man was not trying to commit suicide but was using drunkenness as his excuse to molest her instead?

No wonder he threw his outer coat away…

She had only been away for three years and she had not expected the public order in S City to be this terrible. Years ago, there were no ruffians around even in the middle of the night.

Su Wan’s body froze. An alarm within her was triggered. She raised her head and that moment, her eyes met a pair of glimmering eyes.

They were a pair of beautiful, flawless eyes, with a clear distinction between their black and the white. The edges of the eyes slanted up slightly and the dark pupils were calm like a deep ocean.

Su Wan was slightly surprised. This man’s handsome appearance was on a level she had rarely seen.

He looked at her from above. His good-looking brows knitted together and he focused on Su Wan, as if he could only see her and nobody else in the world. His lips, however, had a sense of coldness and heartlessness.

Su Wan had seen many good-looking people from a young age. Her own appearance was one praised by many since she was young. When she was in A High School, her fiancé, Gu Zihang, was known as the most handsome male in the school due to his good looks and both of them were a perfect match.

She had seen different handsome blond guys overseas. When she was studying, she even had suitors from different countries but Su Wan only liked Chinese guys with black hair and dark eyes. Coupled with her love for her fiancé, she was not easily swayed.

However, no man could compare to this man who was grabbing her hand, not even her fiancé whom she had been in love with for over twenty years. All of them lost to him in terms of appearance and aura.

Judging from his overall demeanor and expensive clothing, how could he be a local ruffian who hurt girls in the middle of the night?

Su Wan hesitated and gave up struggling.

“Miss, please help me.”

The stranger spoke in a low yet cold voice. His voice was soft, but it was so pleasant that it could take one’s breath away. It was like the first flower blooming in the cold night, with a silent enchantment.

Su Wan was a person who liked a man for his voice. She recalled the reason she was attracted to Gu Zihang. Besides being her childhood sweetheart, it was because he had the voice of a broadcaster.

She was used to hearing English for three years when she was overseas. Now, Su Wan was dumbfounded listening to his fluent Mandarin.

What help did he want from her?

Without giving Su Wan time to prepare, the man with extraordinary handsome looks and a pleasant voice kissed her. The man took her into his embrace snugly, giving her no space to move.

The man’s lips were cold and his piercingly cold breath slowly invaded Su Wan’s lips.

As her grandfather was not in good health, their house was always filled with the smell of Chinese medicine. Hence, Su Wan was very sensitive to smells.

There was neither the smell of alcohol nor cigarettes on this man’s body. Rather, his breath was clean and cold.

Su Wan froze. All she could do was widen her almond eyes. The initial thoughts in her brain had all turned to ashes.

This man, whom she had just met, had taken away her first kiss that she had been saving for over twenty years.

No matter how good-looking he was, this was detestable!

Su Wan’s face darkened. She quietly raised her leg and was about to kick the man’s private parts.

However, the man had expected her gesture and so, he pressed his body against hers on the railing. His kiss intensified, as if trying to snatch her breath away.

What a shameless man!

Su Wan’s face grew red. The two of them were tightly appressed to one another. She felt all her breath being drawn away and she was almost out of breath!

Just when Su Wan was almost out of breath, seven to eight burly chaps in black appeared suddenly on the streets. The leader’s face had a long terrifying scar.

The few fierce-looking burly men were looking around, as if searching for something or someone.

The sharp eyes of the leader with the scar swept across Su Wan. When he saw Su Wan, who was almost out of breath, he turned his head and instructed his followers decisively.

“He’s injured. He shouldn’t be far. Maybe he’s just in front. Let’s go after him.