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Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain

Chapter 137 - She was almost about to die of anxiety for the demon outside (2)

Chapter 137 – She was almost about to die of anxiety for the demon outside (2)

She pursed her lips, pushed aside the thick animal skin curtain, and took a few steps forward. Following the glimmer of light to its source, she caught a glimpse of a strange-looking door.

Ruan Qiuqiu was somewhat astonished. She thought that there was something wrong with her eyes. She rubbed her eyes and looked again to check. At the entrance of the cave, where snow, rain, and cold wind once willfully enter the cave, there was now a door. The door didn’t fit the entrance perfectly though.

It was only now that Ruan Qiuqiu noticed that the pile of wood that had been placed between the bedroom and entrance was a lot less.

She figured out the source of the tapping and hammering sound from last night. Ruan Qiuqiu wrapped the animal skin tight around herself. Her eyes were full of softness.

Although that wolf showed a cold expression and was always pretending to be unconscious, he would always wake up when she was in danger and needed him the most. It was as if… gray wolf Tianluo solely belonged to her.

Ruan Qiuqiu kind of wanted to laugh. She looked in the direction of the door. She found it odd that he expressionlessly stood by the door and didn’t say anything.

Since the visiting demon wasn’t dangerous or someone he disliked, why didn’t he greet his visitor?

Supporting herself with the stone wall, she slowly walked towards the entrance. It didn’t take long until she reached Yuan Jue. She stood behind him and looked at the visiting demon at the door.

The visiting demon was about as tall as the height of the cave entrance… It looked like a giant raptor?

Ruan Qiuqiu’s reaction time was still a bit sluggish. She saw that the raptor had a bulging bag under one red wing, and its other wing was lifted high above its feathery head to block the rain. Its expression looked a bit distorted.

So the visitor was a raptor demon?

As he saw Ruan Qiuqiu’s surprised expression with his demon consciousness, Yuan Jue’s expression was cold and cheerless. His mood was complicated as he looked at the raptor from the Sand Tribe.

The raptor, who had been flying for a long time, was even more shocked. He had almost believed the lion demon’s words that the wolf had eaten the human and then tragically died in his cave.

Rewind half a day ago.

After leaving the center of the forest and parting ways from the two silly bear demons, the raptor flew in the rain and hail while keeping the animal skin bag sheltered under his wing.

After flying for a while, he was lucky enough to see a protruding rock wall. He flew down and hid under the rock for a night.

He was now a mature red raptor and knew that he couldn’t grow up to become a fierce, giant fish. Rain wouldn’t make his feathers slippery like a fish scale. It would only make him very uncomfortable.

The raptor Tian Xiu waited under the rock wall until the icy rain changed into fluttering snowflakes and light rain before resuming his flight to the edge of the forest.

Tian Xiu had rushed here from the distant lands of the Sand Tribe’s territory. He had been flying almost nonstop for several days and was actually very tired now.

From the time that something happened to Yuan Jue to when Tian Xiu found out over 10 days had passed. This delay was due to the long distance between their tribes, only level 5 demons and higher could pass on messages over long distances, and there was no organization that specially spread news.

After hearing the news from that lion demon, Tian Xiu had actually wanted to give up.

On his way here, although he chose secluded paths when possible, he still met many tribes. Amongst so many tribes, most of the demons and humans of those small tribes weren’t concerned about Yuan Jue’s fate. They knew it was wrong of them to behave that way since Yuan Jue had helped out their tribes when he was the chief of the Fire Wolf Tribe.

Just as rats leave a sinking ship, demons would trample on a fallen wolf. People always cared more about themselves. Moreover, in the eyes of outsiders, Yuan Jue wasn’t a good demon.

Tian Xiu had already mentally prepared himself to see the human’s bloody corpse along with Yuan Jue’s corpse as well. However, as a very polite member of the Sand Tribe, he still politely pecked at the door instead of going straight in.

He waited at the entrance for a long time. Just when he was sure that the human and demon had died, Yuan Jue opened the door.

But… Was the human standing behind Yuan Jue the one that the lion demon had said Yuan Jue had killed?

The raptor’s brain couldn’t compute this new information and crashed.

Yuan Jue was known as a ruthless wolf demon that wouldn’t allow people to get within three meters of him, that included female demons and children as well. Why was he standing so close to a human?