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Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Up The Mountain Again (1)

This time, they went as usual to the cavern where only a sliver of the sky could be seen. The traps they had set the last time were still there. All the traps had caught something, and Mo Beihan collected them along the way. Then he went to take a look at the area surrounding the cavern.

When they reached the cavern, Mo Beihan put his things down and said to Gu Qingyao, “I’ll look around nearby. You stay around here as usual, understand?”

Gu Qingyao smiled, “I know, this is not our first time here. I’ll go over there to pick mushrooms. I won’t wander too far.”

Mo Beihan glanced at her and left.

The taste of the meat buns he had eaten that morning still lingered in his mouth. Mo Beihan was getting more and more suspicious of where Yao Yao was getting these meat buns?

They were just too similar to those he had eaten in his previous life.

They were made of pure white flour and were soft, with a thin skin. The meat filling had been seasoned with various condiments. In this era, food was scarce, and the Gu family’s living conditions were poor.

Also, the Gu family class status was too poor. They needed to maintain a low profile. Gu Ruoqing and Zhang Xiaohui were greedy and lazy. Yao Yao definitely would not make such wonderful meat buns at home. Because if she were to be discovered, the two of them would fight to get their hands on the buns, then demand for more.

That would create a lot of trouble.

In this era, fine grain was too precious. Even the wealthiest would not use such high-quality white flour to make buns.

Perhaps there had been some changes in this life, and the girl’s interspace had already appeared?

Had she managed to plant and harvest the wheat, and grind it into flour so quickly?

That could not be true either. The habits of a lifetime did not change overnight. In these times, everyone, whether rich or poor, was characterized by how much they treasured food.

Yao Yao’s actions were too extraordinary!

Instead, she was acting somewhat like him.

He had seen the prosperity of later years, and knew that he had the ability to make a good living. So he did not mind spending any amount of money on her. But Yao Yao…

Mo Beihan put his thoughts aside, and concentrated on hunting.

Meanwhile, Gu Qingyao was still in the cavern. She looked at the mushrooms from her last trip that she had left to dry on two big rocks. They were almost dry, but not completely so.

The cavern was quite well ventilated, but not very sunny.

Gu Qingyao put some of the mushrooms in her interspace, then brought them out of the cavern to sun them on the grass outside. The sun was shining brightly today. A day in the sun would cause plenty of evaporation.

The dried fish also had not dried completely, so she moved them outside to sun.

After she had finished her tasks, she took her basket and cloth bag and went to the mushroom patch in the woods.

After a few days, the mushrooms had grown quite a bit. They were growing in clumps as usual, and were everywhere. It had drizzled the night before, and the mushrooms had grown even faster.

This time, she did not put them in her cloth bag, but threw them directly into her interspace. She used both hands to pluck them, then swiftly flung them in. Very soon, there was a small mound of them in her interspace.

Although she had plenty of goods in her interspace, storing goods had become a habit. Gu Qingyao thought, Um! Don’t let it go to waste!

After a long time, she finally picked the entire patch clean. As usual, she selected the large ones and left the small ones.

Then she filled two cloth bags, and a basket, and went back.

Mo Beihan had not yet returned to the cavern, so Gu Qingyao placed the mushrooms on the grass outside to dry too.

There were many fish in the pool again. Gu Qingyao decided to catch them!

She had many frozen fish in her interspace, but only a few live ones!