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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 98 - He is Not Crazy

Chapter 98: He is Not Crazy

The whole experience scared Jiang Yao stiff. She was trembling in fear.

While she was standing behind Lu Xingzhi in the queue, a man had suddenly appeared of nowhere. He had jumped on her and dragged her several steps away while calling her his wife. She turned around and realized that it was the madman, and she started screaming at the top of her lungs. She could even smell the awful scent emanating from the man’s body.

Besides being frightened by the whole scenario, she felt sick and disgusted. Within Jiang Yao’s two lives, this was the first time she had been held by a man other than her blood relatives. The incident was so disgusting that she almost puked on the spot.

When Jiang Yao turned her gaze to Lu Xingzhi, she saw him restraining the man on the floor and raising his fist at him. She gradually composed herself and yelped at Lu Xingzhi, “Stop it, please, don’t create any more trouble.”

After all, Lu Xingzhi was an active soldier. Although he was not in his military uniform, it would not do him good if someone recognized him and reported the incident to his leader.

All of a sudden, an old woman sprang out and hurled towards Lu Xingzhi, hitting his hands that were pinning the madman on the ground and growled, “Hey you, let go of my son! Let him go! Baby, are you okay? Don’t scare Mommy!”

Lu Xingzhi recognized the woman. She sold fruits at the train station. Lu Xingzhi had seen the madman and the old lady here at the train station, but he didn’t know that they were related.

Moreover, for so many years, Lu Xingzhi had never heard of any commotion provoked by the madman at the train station. However, this time, he had jumped on his wife and scared her, so he couldn’t let it go.

“Your son?” Lu Xingzhi exclaimed indignantly, “Don’t you know your son is crazy?”

“No! He’s not! He’s fine!” the old lady denied with a hoarse voice. “Has this place become a lawless jungle? Why are you bullying my son?”

The train conductor rolled his eyes and said, “Madam, everyone at the train station knows that your son is a lunatic, okay? How long has your son been at our station? Fifteen years? Or maybe twenty? He always goes around murmuring to himself. This time, he even jumped on a pretty girl and called her his wife! Do you know how many passengers were shocked over his mischief?”

A passenger standing at the side interjected, “Yes, that’s right! Your son suddenly hugged the man’s wife and even called her his wife. Look at the poor girl, she’s so frightened that her face is so pale and she’s still shaking. How dare you complain that he’s bullying your son? After what your son did, you should be grateful that the man hadn’t beaten him to death!”

“I said my son is not crazy!” the old woman shouted loudly. She then helped the madman up off the floor and sobbed, “Baby, hurry, tell them that you’re not crazy. Oh, my baby! How many times do I have to tell you? That woman will not come back! She doesn’t want you anymore!”

“No! You’re lying!” The madman suddenly pushed the old woman away as if struck by lightning. “She loves me! She loves me very much! It’s you, it’s all your fault! She wouldn’t have left if it wasn’t for you!”

The madman staggered as he stood up, his whole body trembling. “She was just angry with me. She will return after her anger subsides, she will definitely come back.”

Just as the conductor said, the madman walked away and mumbling gibberish by himself while the old woman crouched on the ground crying after him.