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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 95 - Lu Xiaoxiao Complains

Chapter 95: Lu Xiaoxiao Complains

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Jiang Yao got downstairs, she saw Jiang Lei and Lu Xiaoxiao busy arguing. Jiang Lei did not even care about his image, and did not compromise with Lu Xiaoxiao either. Both of them had argued until their faces were flushed red and the adults were looking at them while laughing without the intention of stopping them. Even Lu Haixing smiled to the point his eyes curved into a line.

“Sis!” Lu Xiaoxiao lost the fight and hurried over to Jiang Yao right after she arrived downstairs. “Your second brother is bullying me!”

“Lu Xiaoxiao, you really are capable, aren’t you? How dare you complain when you can’t win against me! What’s more, your sister-in-law is my younger sister, she would not dare to interfere!” Jiang Lei stood there flaunting.

Lu Xiaoxiao agreed with what he said, so he ran to Lu Xingzhi and said, “Brother, Jiang Lei, that brat…”

Before Lu Xiaoxiao could finish, Lu Haixing interjected, “Xiaoxiao, it’s no use even if you look for your brother. Jiang Lei is your brother’s brother-in-law, he would not interfere too.”

Lu Haixing was gleeful. He had never seen Lu Xiaoxiao being provoked to this extent, and he thought it was interesting.

Lu Xiaoxiao was indeed the youngest in the Lu family. Lu Yuqing and Lu Xingzhi would always tolerate her and she was always the overlord of the Lu family, with no one ever objecting to whatever she said. Meanwhile, in the Jiang family, there was one person who did not see her as a queen, and he would always strike back at whatever she said. Lu Haixing thought that only this one person could fight with Lu Xiaoxiao and let her come back to her senses.

“Dad!” Lu Xiaoxiao was on the verge of crying as the entire family had no intention of helping her.

“Okay, okay, let’s eat.” Mrs. Lu felt sorry eventually and dragged Lu Xiaoxiao to the dining table before calling for everyone to have their meals.

Lu Yuqing did not come back for this meal. Jiang Yao did not see her, and she did not ask about her either. She assumed that Lu Yuqing was probably busy with something and hence did not return, or perhaps she had just divorced and had to run some errands.

After dinner, Lu Haixing had the driver send the Jiangs back to their house. Lu Xiaoxiao and Jiang Lei really became rivals, as they were busy arguing at the table. However, surprisingly, no one stopped them. Instead, they chit-chatted on their own, with no one bothering to interrupt. The atmosphere was really strangely peaceful.

Before leaving, Lu Xiaoxiao knew that Jiang Lei was going on a movie date with his girlfriend. Hence, she cursed that he would be dumped by his girlfriend and have nowhere to cry.

It was only after Lu Xiaoxiao had mentioned it that Jiang Yao remembered Jiang Lei had a girlfriend at that time, who was a salesperson at a mall in town.

The relationship between both of them had really ended with Jiang Lei being dumped by his girlfriend, who found a rich proprietor.

Jiang Yao had met Jiang Lei’s current girlfriend two times. Honestly, Jiang Yao did not like her at first sight. She felt that the way she looked at others was as if she were looking at a product, as she calculated the value of the product.

However, Jiang Lei loved her blindly as if he had no eyes. After he was dumped, Jiang Lei drowned his sorrows for a very long period of time. Just when the whole family thought that Jiang Lei would never get over that woman, he had suddenly pulled himself together and travelled to the north to earn a living. In less than two years, he had really become successful.

Jiang Yao did not plan to interfere with Jiang Lei’s fate. Some things were more like a blessing in disguise to Jiang Lei. After enduring it, he would only be left with good fortune.

However, Jiang Lei was not married even after Jiang Yao’s rebirth. Jiang Yao was concerned about Jiang Lei, as she was afraid that Jiang Lei could not forget that woman for the rest of his life.