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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 92 - Don’t Think About It

Chapter 92: Don’t Think About It

Lu Xingzhi sneered. “It’s just one night without sleep. When I’m on duty, it’s normal for me to stay up for several days and nights. You’re just assuming that your man is too weak.”

Jiang Yao stood up, immediately pushed Lu Xingzhi into the bathroom, then closed the door. Actions speak louder than words. That man was clearly teasing her on purpose.

After Lu Xingzhi entered the bathroom, he looked into the mirror and could not find any hint of exhaustion on his face due to lack of sleep for an entire night and not getting any rest. Jiang Yao was just worried about him.

Lu Xingzhi quickly took a bath and looked around the bathroom with his naked body. He was pushed into the bathroom, so he did not grab any clothes or towel to change into.

“Jiang Yao, I’m done.” Lu Xingzhi shouted at the door.

“Just come out if you’re done. Or do you want me to welcome you?” Jiang Yao answered softly.

“You said so.” Lu Xingzhi said the three words and acted as if he was going to come out.

Jiang Yao was stunned and suddenly shouted out, “Wait!” She realized that Lu Xingzhi did not bring any clothes with him into the bathroom. When he was not at home, his towel was kept in a closet after it was laundered. If she had asked him to come out straight away, wasn’t she asking him to come out naked?

He even dared to answer! Judging by the sound of the door opening, was he really going to walk out from the bathroom? The sun was still high up in the sky and the curtains were not drawn.

“Wait for a while, I will get you your clothes.” Jiang Yao said while opening the wardrobe to take out the set of clothes and towel that he had left behind when he was staying at home the last time.

She walked towards the bathroom and knocked on the door. “I’m at the door, you can open the door and grab them now.”

The next second, the door was opened. A hand reached out from the door and grabbed the items in her hands. Then, the door was shut again.

Jiang Yao tapped on her slightly reddish face and took two deep breaths. When she was about to walk away, the man inside called her and said, “No underwear? Or would you prefer me to not wear any?”

Jiang Yao stood blankly. She felt embarrassed and raised her leg to kick the door of the bathroom. Uncertain of whether Lu Xingzhi had not locked the door on purpose or he simply did not notice that the door was not locked properly, Jiang Yao did not expect the door to open with just a kick, while Lu Xingzhi was lowering his head, tying his towel around his waist.

He was probably shocked by the door that was wide open out of a sudden and remained still as a rock. He lifted his head and looked at the woman who stood at the door in great shock. He then lowered his head and looked at his ‘little brother’, which he did not get to cover up in time.

“So… you prefer me to not wear anything.” Lu Xingzhi parted his lips slowly and said. Then, he sighed, “But I’m not used to run around naked,”

Jiang Yao’s face was scorching hot as if she was on fire. Upon seeing him sigh with a poker face, she really wanted to slap him to death with a slipper.

“Pervert! You don’t even lock the door when you are bathing! Whatever you need, go grab it yourself, I’m tired and I want some rest.” Jiang Yao flew back to her bed, threw aside her slippers with a kick, and lay straight on the bed.

However as she closed her eyes, her brain uncontrollably replayed the scene that she had just seen.

His lean and long pair of legs, well-defined muscles which were just nice, giving her a strong impression, and the abs which he had trained for all year long. Although she had only taken a glance, he looked truly sexy and hot.

Also, the thing in the middle which had not awakened…

“Nasty! Nasty!” Jiang Yao slapped her forehead. “Don’t think about it! Don’t think about it!”

Then, she mumbled in her heart, ‘Hmph! That big and ugly piece of…ugly thing!’