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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 91 - Adorable

Chapter 91: Adorable

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

How could Jiang Yao not know what Jiang Lei was about to do? Ever since he raised his hand, she had already braced herself to receive a slap from him but in the end, she saw him acting strangely by withdrawing his hand to scratch his head. She was shocked and realized that Jiang Lei was not looking at her, but he was looking at the man beside her instead. She then turned around and looked at Lu Xingzhi who was beside her, out of curiosity.

However right after she turned around, Lu Xingzhi’s big palm was already on her head and he started rubbing it gently. Jiang Yao glanced at Lu Xingzhi doubtfully. She was uncertain of the expression he had shown Jiang Lei.

“You two can go upstairs and get some rest. We will have dinner together tonight. Your uncle and Xiaoxiao will be coming over later.” Mrs. Lu smiled happily while talking to Mrs. Jiang. “Mrs. Jiang, I might need to bother you and get you to help me cook tonight.”

“How would that bother me? My only concern is that the food I make is too terrible and no one would be willing to touch them,” Mrs. Jiang replied with a smile while feeling embarrassed. To be honest, the two families did not have many opportunities to eat together. Both families had eaten together once before Jiang Yao was married. Since then, they did not have the chance nor the time to do that again.

“You’re just being humble, Mrs. Jiang. Look at how well you’ve brought up all three of your children. Your cooking skills shouldn’t be too bad, for how could you possibly have raised three adorable children otherwise?” Mrs. Lu replied.

“Auntie, I’m a man. It isn’t appropriate to describe me as adorable, right? I’m more of a fan of the word handsome,”Jiang Lei replied cheekily, making everyone in the room laugh out loud.

Jiang Yao was still concerned about Lu Xingzhi as he did not getting any rest the previous night, so she did not stay downstairs and chat with the others for long. After standing for about half an hour later, she tugged at Lu Xingzhi’s sleeve and urged him softly, “Let’s go upstairs and get some rest.”

“Are you tired?” Jiang Yao seemed very energetic to Lu Xingzhi. Her family members were all there and he thought that she would be unwilling to go upstairs.

“Aren’t you tired?” Jiang Yao asked him back. Before Lu Xingzhi could answer, she started to push him up the stairs while greeting the elders. “Dad, Mom, Xingzhi and I are going upstairs to get some rest.”

“Go, go.” Mrs. Lu smiled happily while nodding her head. She had already noticed their interaction just now. Her son thought that Jiang Yao might be unwilling to go upstairs as her family members were here, but Jiang Yao was still thinking about Lu Xingzhi and how he had not gotten enough rest last night. Both of them were caring about each other.

Mrs. Lu could not be happier because Jiang Yao had finally started to care for her husband.

After they had both gone upstairs and closed the door, Mrs. Lu could not hold it back anymore and started laughing. “Their relationship is gradually getting better, they can’t wait to stick to each other everyday. When I delivered breakfast to them at the hospital this morning, Xingzhi was even worried that I might disturb their time together and he asked me to return home immediately.”

Mr. Lu curved up his lips and laughed. It was true that anyone with a pair of eyes could tell that Jiang Yao’s attitude towards Lu Xingzhi had drastically changed. It was as if her eyes had gone missing in the past, and she had no one in her eyes or even her heart. However for now, she was just like Lu Xingzhi, with both of them only having each other in their eyes.

Jiang Yao did not know that her family members were making fun of her and Lu Xingzhi. After they entered the room and closed the door, Jiang Yao turned around and told Lu Xingzhi, “Go get a bath and rest. It’s not even two o’clock yet, you can sleep until dinner time,”

Lu Xingzhi could not stop laughing, “Are you that worried about me not getting enough sleep? Or are you worried that I’m going to die of exhaustion?”

Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at him and went to unpack her stuff. She noticed that he didn’t even budge and ushered him once again. “Hurry up!”