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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 90 - Got Discharged and Went Home

Chapter 90: Got Discharged and Went Home

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Xingzhi glanced at the bruise left by a needle and nodded. Jiang Yao’s skin was indeed delicate, it could bruise easily just from a blood sample taken. Also, it seemed like she was more afraid of pain than other girls. Jiang Lei once told him that she was so delicate, she would cry even if her finger got pricked by a sewing needle.

Therefore, the wounds that she endured this time was probably the most painful experience she ever had in her life.

“The hospital gown doesn’t look good, my clothes still look better.” Jiang Yao awkwardly explained. “Moreover, I know I’m fine and that I’ll surely be discharged this afternoon. I’m going to change back to my own clothes anyway, so isn’t it the same as doing it now?”

Lu Xingzhi nodded and chuckled. Evidently, nineteen was the age for a lady to start caring about her appearance more. Jiang Yao was no exception.

However, he did not know that a lady would only apply makeup for the man she loved. That’s why Jiang Yao particularly cared about her appearance in front of him.

The summer’s morning sun was blazing enough but it was not as sweltering as noon. They had a walk around the hospital building after they left the ward.

The hospital was a place to celebrate the newborn, treat the elderly and sick, and for some people, it was the place to spend the last moments of their lives. It was a place to bid farewell to the past and welcome the future. That was why it was always busy and crowded with people from all walks of life with different emotions.

In the hospital, you can see through people’s emotions at a glance and have a clear look at the people who have just parted with their loved ones.

Jiang Yao withdrew her focus on people around her, turned around and looked at Lu Xingzhi. To her surprise, he was looking at her too and both their eyes met. Suddenly, Jiang Yao remembered a word called ‘tacit’ and smiled at Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi stopped in his tracks abruptly. Possibly blinded by the sun or perhaps stunned by the gorgeous smile she gave him, Lu Xingzhi forgot to continue walking and he only stood straight while staring at her.

Just as Jiang Yao predicted, the doctor had instructed the nurse to send her the medicine after lunch and notified her that she could be discharged.

Lu Xingzhi asked Jiang Yao to wait for him at the ward as he called home. He asked for a driver to be sent to pick them up at the hospital. The weather was blazing hot and he was not going to let Jiang Yao be exposed to sunlight because her sweat might remove the ointment on her back.

After she was discharged from the hospital, Jiang Yao felt rejuvenated from head to toe. She was not a fan of the smell of the hospital or the overly narrow beds. Lu Xingzhi could not even straighten his legs once he lay on it.

The driver brought them straight back to the Lu family’s house in town. Zhao Zhuangzong had been caught and the cops came to town to arrest him. The Zhao family did not have any time to visit the town, as they were probably busy finding ways to get Zhao Zhuangzong out of jail.

Lu Xingzhi’s parents and the four members of the Jiang family were all waiting in the house. Jiang Yao was welcomed with open arms once she stepped into the house. Jiang Lei could not even wait to wrap his little sister in his arms and to check if his sister had lost a few pounds after this tragedy had happened to her. If Jiang Yao had not grown up and she was still four or five years old, Jiang Jie and Jiang Lei would definitely ask her to show them her injuries. Only then would they stop worrying about her.

“Luck is on our side! Luck is on our side! Our Yaoyao will be blessed by good luck after that mishap!” Mrs. Jiang held Jiang Yao’s hand while wishing a whole lot of blessings. She even sprinkled some water boiled with pomelo skin on her. She believed that by doing that, it could chase away all the bad spirits and people. It was one of the villagers’ beliefs and Jiang Yao did not avoid it at all. She only bowed down and gave Mrs. Jiang a bear hug after she was done with the ritual. “Mom, there’s nothing to worry about. I’m fine.”

“Fine! Fine! Fine! How could that be fine? You almost gave me a heart attack!” Jiang Lei raised his hand and was about to smack Jiang Yao’s head just like how he used to do when he reprimanded her back when they were kids.

However, he could sense a murderous aura after he raised his hand. He looked back and saw his brother-in-law glaring at his hand like a fierce tiger. Jiang Lei withdrew his hand immediately and tried to cover it up by scratching his head awkwardly.