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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 86 - Necessary

Chapter 86: Necessary

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After he closed the door, the world went silent. Only then did Liang Yueze ask, “How are her injuries?”

“It shouldn’t be a big problem, she looks fine.” Lu Xingzhi said, “Big Bro, I want Zhao Zhuangzong to spend the rest of his life in prison,”

“Your wife’s injuries aren’t that serious. It might be difficult to lock him up for the rest of his life but I will make use of my resources. However, it shouldn’t be a problem to lock him up for about ten, twenty years. As long as we get him into jail, we are the ones who decide whether he gets to see the sun again. This is not a big deal.” Liang Yueze paused for awhile and continued by asking him in a serious tone, “Is it necessary?”

Lu Xingzhi clenched his phone and remained silent for quite some while. He slightly furrowed his eyebrows. He lowered his gaze and stared at her face with wounds. His hatred was relentless and he did not restrain it from overflowing out of his heart. “Yes, it is.”

“Alright then, I guess he’s not going to see the sun again.” Liang Yueze replied, “I will arrange for that,” After he finished talking, he remembered Jiang Yao’s temper and expressed his concern. “She did not blame you, right?”

Lu Xingzhi’s eyes were filled with gentleness. “No, she fell asleep in my arms obediently. Big Bro, Jiang Yao’s a good wife.”

“That’s great. Well then, you should get some rest too.” Liang Yueze hung up the phone and went out of the study room. He saw a man-like monkey jumping up and down in front of the door of the study room. He then kicked Zhou Weiqi. “Alright, Xingzhi said Jiang Yao did not blame him and she’s behaving just fine. Oh by the way, Xingzhi even mentioned that Jiang Yao is a good wife.”

Zhou Weiqi scratched his head. “That’s great. Well, it would also make perfect sense if Jiang Yao had blamed him. After all, she was in deep shock. She’s still a woman, she only has her husband to rely on.”

Zhou Weiqi was worried because one of his classmates in military school could not make it back in time to protect his wife when she got into trouble in their hometown in the countryside. Although he had gone back to visit his wife afterwards, the couple had a big fight and eventually divorced because of that.

Jiang Yao was only nineteen years old. She had just graduated from high school and she was just a little girl .That was why Zhou Weiqi was worried that Jiang Yao might argue with Lu Xingzhi once he got back home.

“It’s a good thing that they did not argue. Since Xingzhi said everything’s fine, then everything should be fine. We did not spend a lot of time with Jiang Yao and it’s normal for us to not know her personality well. Perhaps she’s a thoughtful person and not a mischievous woman,” Luo Lauren said while yawning. Then, she tapped Zhou Weiqi’s shoulder. “Go back and get some sleep. Don’t forget that you have work to do.”

After she finished, Luo Lauren turned around and walked back to the room barefooted. Last night, they had gone over to Liang Yueze’s house and drank a little. They did not leave after that and stayed over at Liang Yueze’s house.

Zhou Weiqi touched the area which was slapped by Luo Lauren and he mumbled about Luo Lauren not having any gentle qualities of a woman. After Luo Lauren entered the room, he covered his mouth immediately as if he had discovered a new continent. “Luo Lauren, you slept with Big Bro last night! You two…You two…”

Liang Yueze strode towards Zhou Weiqi and glared at him with cold eyes. He walked past him and left him there as if he was invisible. He entered the room right after Luo Lauren and locked the door of the room.

Around eight o’clock in the morning, Mrs. Lu brought along the porridge that she had cooked and entered the ward. She was taken aback when she saw the couple cuddling intimately.

“When did Xingzhi arrive?” Mrs. Lu saw the luggage on the floor and immediately recognised that it belonged to Lu Xingzhi. She could guess that Lu Xingzhi had rushed to the hospital at midnight.