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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 83 - An Apology

Chapter 83: An Apology

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Yuqing came back with exhaustion written all over her face. She entered and saw that Jiang Yao was awake. Immediately, she expressed her concern. “Zhao Zhuangzong and his men were caught. They were hiding in the forest,”

“That’s great!” Mr. Jiang forced out a smile after he heard the news.

Jiang Yao totally did not deserve to have something like that happen to her.

Should we talk about how precious Jiang Yao was to the Jiang family? It would have made every family member’s heart ache even when she tried to help by sweeping the floor and accidentally hurt her finger with a wooden splinter. Although the Jiang family was poor, Jiang Yao never had to suffer any hardship. Usually, Mr. and Mrs. Jiang were not willing to let Jiang Yao suffer, not even a little bit.

So, when they suddenly received news about Jiang Yao being beaten and sent to the hospital unconscious, both of them were extremely worried. When they arrived at the hospital, they were heartbroken to witness Jiang Yao’s face and the wounds on her back. They could not even speak a word as their hearts were aching.

“Jiang Yao, I dragged you into this pile of mess but don’t worry, Uncle Lu and your parents will not let that b*stard get away that easily.” Lu Yuqing’s mind was jumbled up. If those things never happened, she would never have believed that the man she used to fall in love with was so disgusting. This was not referring to his looks but the ugly soul he had inside him.

She found it hard to believe that after betraying their marriage and relationship, Zhao Zhuangzong wanted to use the Lu family to raise his child. He had even wanted to take advantage of the Lu family. He was greedy and never learned to appreciate. She had never expected that apart from being greedy, he was also a man who was dirty and without conscience.

Lu Yuqing believed that her body had been contaminated by that animal all these years. She spent so many years of her life with Zhao Zhuangzong, only to find out that it was laughable and pitiable.

Lu Yuqing used to feel sorry for not being able to be pregnant with his child. But now, she felt that she was very lucky that she was still able to pull herself out of that mess.

“Luckily the wounds were not fatal, or else…”. Even if Lu Xingzhi did not look for her for trouble, she would feel sorry for her for the rest of her life.

“Sis, you are also a victim in this matter, so stop blaming yourself. Also, the doctor said the wounds are not fatal, so I’m really fine.” Jiang Yao gave Lu Yuqing a sweet smile. “I might look terrifying to you for now, but all of these aren’t serious injuries. I’m going to be a doctor in the future and I have read a lot of books about this recently. I know how to avoid my weaknesses and protect myself. Sis, how did I perform? I am a fast learner, right?”

Jiang Yao sounded as if she was making fun of herself. Although everyone could tell that Jiang Yao was comforting Lu Yuqing, they still could not hold it in and laughed.

“By the way, aren’t there people who went into the forest to chase after Zhao Zhuangzong after I lost my consciousness? Did anyone see a white animal? It looked like a kitten and it was very tiny.” Jiang Yao asked out of concern. She could not figure out the species of the cat.

A little thing which scolded her for being a stupid woman had saved her out of a sudden and could speak like a human. Didn’t that seem shocking and ridiculous? That was why she did not dare to say that a cat had saved her life.

“I did not hear anyone mentioning that.” Mrs. Lu said.

“Cat?” Lu Yuqing spoke out all of a sudden. “I heard from the police that Zhao Zhuangzong’s face was scratched by a cat and it looked very serious,”

Jiang Yao heard her and added, “That’s right, sis! A cat jumped out of nowhere and started to scratch Zhao Zhuangzong non-stop. That’s why I got the chance to run away and escape. As a matter of fact, that cat helped me a lot. I don’t know who the cat’s owner is but I would like to greatly thank the little cutie.”