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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Spoil Her Rotten

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Dad, is today a holiday? Why are you home instead of work?” Lu Xingzhi asked curiously.

“Of course it’s not a holiday and I’ve got to work, but because of you, I don’t have to. Ever since you’ve joined the guards, you seldom come back. Now that you’re back, your mom has asked me to take the day off to spend some time with you as a family.” Mr. Lu was a very kind and humorous gentleman. He was excited and delighted to see his son who he hadn’t seen for more than a year. He eyed Lu Xingzhi from head to toe and nodded, satisfied. “Not bad, you’re getting firmer and more masculine.”

“Don’t listen to your dad’s rambling. Darling, he isn’t a new soldier anymore. He’s been in the guardian team for almost three years now, so he’d have developed all the muscles and whatnot already through all the training. Oh yes, were you upstairs just now? How’s Jiang Yao? How’s her fever? Has she awoken? I checked the kitchen cabinet just now, she hasn’t eaten her breakfast.”

Although Mrs. Lu spoke rather flatly and monotonously, he could sense a tiny bit of concern and worry in her words. When she spoke, she glanced towards their room on the second floor.

Lu Xingzhi shook his head and said, “Mom, I felt her forehead just now. She’s okay, the fever has subsided, she looks quite spirited too. But I think she just woke up when I came home. It’s almost eleven now, I don’t think she has the appetite for breakfast. Nevermind, I’ll wash some fruits and see if she can eat a little.”

Lu Xingzhi was familiar with Jiang Yao’s habits. On school days, she would usually take her breakfast at 6.30 am and would lose her appetite if her mealtime has passed, not to mention that she had been unwell for the past few days.

Mrs. Lu let out a sarcastic laugh at her son’s remark.

“I gave birth to you and raised you up. I’ve never heard about you washing the fruits for your mom and dad, yet you spoil your wife rotten.” Mrs. Lu actually felt sad and shook her head dejectedly. She pulled Lu Xingzhi, who was heading to the kitchen, and sat him on the sofa. “It’s a rare chance for you to be back from the base. Sit down, rest up, and chat with your dad. I’ll handle the fruits!”

“Thanks, Mom!” Lu Xingzhi did not insist on going to the kitchen. If he did, it would upset his mom even more.

Mr. Lu chuckled at their banter and said, “It’s every men’s duty to spoil their wives. Your mom always says that being a woman is a tough job. After she is married, she becomes a guest in her own family and an outsider in her husband’s family. The closest person to her is her husband. If her husband doesn’t pay attention to his wife and love her unconditionally, she will lead a hard life.”

Laughter resonated from the kitchen to the living room. Mrs. Lu chuckled at her husband’s remark and said rather loudly, “You two are my biggest nemeses!”

After a pause, she continued, “Son, you can favor your wife, but that depends on the situation. You can’t do the same for certain women. If they are spoiled rotten, they would become wicked queens.”

There was an underlying meaning in Mrs. Lu’s remark that everyone was well aware of.

Lu Xingzhi curled his lips slightly and did not answer his mom. He flipped through the newspaper on the table but didn’t pay attention to the words on it, his wife’s beautiful portrait emerging and drifting in his mind. He wouldn’t mind spoiling his wife rotten, he was willing to face the consequences.

However, the woman he wanted to spoil might reject such a privilege.

Jiang Yao could listen vaguely to the chatter downstairs. She got changed and was ready to go down the stairs, but when she stood by the room door, she heard the interchange between Lu Xingzhi and his mother. While waiting for Lu Xingzhi’s answer to no avail, she hesitated for a while before she went downstairs.

Lu Xingzhi was sitting on the sofa in the living room and reading the newspaper. Probably hearing the footsteps on the stairs, he glanced in her direction and motioned her to sit with him.