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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 77 - The Divorce

Chapter 77: The Divorce

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

However, on second thought, taking a step back doesn’t mean that you’ve surrendered to the situation, but rather, it’s a chance to start anew.

Was it really necessary for this dysfunctional marriage to go on? Zhao Zhuangzong and his family were a group of evil monsters. No one in the Zhao family had the slightest trace of moral consciences and principles. What benefit would Lu Yuqing obtain if she wanted to stay married with this unfaithful man just because she thought it wasn’t fair?

Lu Yuqing stared at Jiang Yao in a daze. Gradually, her wail reduced to sobbing. After a long while, she took a deep breath and nodded. “You’re absolutely right. I shouldn’t continue this miserable life, pretending to know nothing, letting them deceive and humiliate me. Who am I? I am Lu Yuqing. I am the daughter of the Lu family, who do they think they are to bully me like this?”

Slowly, Lu Yuqing regained her composure. “Zhao Zhuangzong is like a hundred dollar bill that has dropped into a puddle of sh*t. It’s a pity not to pick it up, but it’s nasty and disgusting if you do. Meanwhile, I, Lu Yuqing, have plenty of money. I don’t need to waste my time with this stinky bill.”

“Sister, make the decision that will make you happiest. Don’t forget, you have Mom and Dad and also your brother. Although Xingzhi is just a National Guard, he has a group of very powerful and influential buddies. If you are upset, the Lu family would have all the ideas and contacts to make the Zhao family miserable.”

Jiang Yao felt relieved after seeing Lu Yuqing determined and confident.

“I’ve already made my decision. I want to divorce the b*stard right now, immediately!” Lu Yuqing growled in great dismay, her wrath burning. “Xiaoyao, I’ll forever be grateful to you for this matter. You can go home first. I’m going to the lawyer’s office now, I want to make sure that Zhao Zhuangzong cannot stay in this town ever again!”

Jiang Yao headed home straightaway after seeing Lu Yuqing, thinking that she would not be seeing Lu Yuqing for several days. Surprisingly, Lu Yuqing suddenly returned home at dinnertime and informed her parents about her decision to divorce Zhao Zhuangzong. The parents recoiled in extreme shock and disbelief.

However, after listening to Lu Yuqing describing her findings as she adamantly held back her tears, both parents gaped in surprise but none of them objected to her decision, nor did they accuse Lu Yuqing of responding impulsively.

“Oh my god, it’s so shocking! He has always been so polite and smart, but what do you know? He is such a monster! B*stard!” Mrs. Lu shivered furiously. “Yes, go ahead and divorce him! The Zhao family has gone too far! If it wasn’t for our Lu family’s financial help, what kind of life do they think they can lead now?”

“I’m calling Haixing right away! I want that b*stard fired!” Mr. Lu went to the phone, immediately called Lu Haixing, and told him all about Zhao Zhuangdong’s wrongdoings.

Jiang Yao wasn’t sure how Lu Yuqing and the Lu family would handle Zhao Zhuangzong, but she figured that the outcome would be similar to that of her previous life, with Zhao Zhuangzong ending up wretched and detestable. After all, the Lu family’s influence and network were very powerful in the county and even the city.

Before rebirth, Zhao Zhuangzong and Lu Yuqing’s had marriage lasted a lot longer and he had obtained a lot more benefits from the Lu family. In the end, the Lu family was still capable of cutting Zhao Zhuangzong off from marriage without a single cent and even made him bankrupt. As for this life, since the divorce had happened way earlier, it would be a piece of cake for the Lu family to mess Zhao Zhuangzong up.

Jiang Yao didn’t follow up with the divorce procedure, but it was hard to miss such big news. On the very next day, Lu Yuqing officially divorced Zhao Zhuangzong. Just within the span of one night, Zhao Zhuangzong had lost his job and place to live. The house where they lived at was part of the dowry that the Lu family had presented to Lu Yuqing. After the divorce, they threw Zhao Zhuangzong’s things out of the house, including the kitchen sink.