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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 73 - Mrs. Zhao

Chapter 73: Mrs. Zhao

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At this point, Lu Yuqing’s eyes turned bloodshot and teary. “I’m so heartbroken, I didn’t dare to confront him about this last night. I suppressed the urge to ask him very hard.”

“Yuqing, you may not like to hear what I say, but I have to tell you that Zhao Zhuangzong is a scumbag, including his family!” Jiang Yao blurted out straightaway. She felt sorry for Lu Yuqing after thinking about how Zhao Zhuangzong had hurt her. “Yuqing, remember how your in-laws have always urged you to have a baby, but they don’t do that anymore now? Think about it, did they stop their nagging around the time your assistant got pregnant?”

Lu Yuqing froze in extreme shock. “Do you mean that my in-laws know about the affair?”

“I guess,” Jiang Yao said.

She didn’t know how to explain her rebirth, so she couldn’t be frank about knowing what happened afterward.

After having breakfast at home, Lu Yuqing went to the county with Jiang Yao. They went straight to the Western restaurant where Jiang Yao and Lu Xiaoxiao had seen Zhao Zhuangzong and her assistant.

At this hour, a lot of diners were at the restaurant to have coffee and dessert. A waiter greeted them as soon as they walked in.

Jiang Yao and Lu Yuqing sat face-to-face. Jiang Yao pretended to look at the menu as if she was unfamiliar with the food here. After a while, she lifted her gaze at the waiter and said, “Do you have any special recommendations for coffee and desserts? My brother told me that your food is very delicious. In fact, he even paid my bill when I came here for dinner the other day! It’s so funny, I hadn’t even ordered yet and he already paid for us. He said that he’s a good friend of your boss.”

Jiang Yao paused for a while and added with a smile, “My brother is Zhao Zhuangzong.”

The waiter gaped in astonishment when he heard the name. “Oh, Mr. Zhao! Yes, Mr. Zhao and our boss are friends! I didn’t know that he has such a lovely sister. Miss Zhao, could you please tell me what you prefer, so that I can recommend the best meal to suit your appetite?”

“My brother and I share similar tastes. What does he usually order when he drops by?” Jiang Yao smiled playfully. “You know what? Just get me anything that my brother usually orders, I bet I’ll like it.”

The waiter smiled too. “Mr. Zhao prefers something bland, but Mrs. Zhao likes her food aromatic and with strong flavor, perhaps because of her pregnancy. Every time they come to our restaurant, Mr. Zhao will accommodate his missus’ preference and order the food that Mrs. Zhao likes.”

“Really?” Jiang Yao noticed Lu Yuqing trembling slightly when the waiter talked about Mrs. Zhao’s pregnancy and a slightly strong appetite.

“Mrs. Zhao’s due date is just around the corner, isn’t it? I heard that they went for checkups and it’s a boy! Miss Zhao, you’ll have a little nephew soon.”

Then, the waiter recommended Jiang Yao several desserts and coffee, took their order, and walked away with a polite smile.

As soon as the waiter left, Lu Yuqing burst out crying, gritted her teeth, and cursed in a muffled scream, “Zhao Zhuangzong, you b*stard! You scumbag!”

Jiang Yao reached out to grip Lu Yuqing’s hand. “Yuqing…” She didn’t know what to say.

As a woman who was always been portrayed as a happily married woman, this was undoubtedly a fatal and catastrophic blow.

Not only did Zhao Zhuangzong have an affair with her assistant, he had even gone the extra mile to introduce the woman as his wife! It must be devastating for Lu Yuqing when someone had addressed another woman as Mrs. Zhao.