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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 69 - : Tricky Problem

Chapter 69: Tricky Problem

Lu Xingzhi could sense Jiang Yao’s anxiety with her quick explanation. He offered a word of comfort, saying, “I believe in you, I know clearly how you really are.” However, he couldn’t help but sigh and remained silent.

His silence wasn’t because of his suspicion about the possibility of hidden motives on Jiang Yao’s side, but rather, he was caught by extreme surprise. He found the news unbelievable. After all, Zhao Zhuangzong was known to be very loving and affectionate towards Lu Yuqing all these years.

“You have to find a chance to talk to your sister about this matter. She has to know.”

Jiang Yao was quiet in hesitation for a while as she pondered what to say. Shen then added, “His assistant—I mean the woman—from what I can see, her belly is very big now. I assume her baby would be due soon. Zhao Zhuangzong hasn’t told Yuqing anything yet so far, and he’s even putting on the disguise of a loving and caring husband. What is he thinking? Does he really want to be a good husband at home while being a good father in another family? Or, would he pretend to adopt the baby once the woman gives birth and let Yuqing takes care of the out-of-wedlock child on behalf of the woman? Regardless, it will be a painful outcome for Yuqing.”

“Okay, I understand. I’ll talk to Yuqing,” Lu Xingzhi said. He thought about the way Zhao Zhuangzong carried himself in the usual days and frowned. He must say, Zhao Zhuangzong’s disguise was so tremendous and flawless that no one would ever suspect him of being a cheater at all. If it wasn’t for Jiang Yao bumping into him, no one could have predicted what would happen in the future.

“Okay, good to know.” Jiang Yao heaved a sigh of relief. She had been thinking about this matter for a few days already.

“I’ll return to the base tonight. Call the base whenever you want to talk to me.” Lu Xingzhi didn’t tell Jiang Yao about the phones he would get from exploiting Zhou Weiqi. He figured it would be best to tell her after he registered the phone numbers.

Back in the room, Zhou Weiqi, who had escaped like a scaredy-cat, restored his usual comedic self. He mimicked Jiang Yao’s voice calling Lu Xingzhi’s name by speaking in a deafening high-pitched tone and dancing around with orchid fingers like the actresses in Peking operas.

“I don’t think she knows how to sing operas,” Chen Xuyao murmured as he turned his head around, ignoring Zhou Weiqi.

As they were chatting, Lu Xingzhi pushed the door open and walked in. He threw the phone to Zhou Weiqi and sat back in his seat.

Chen Xuyao felt his heart skipped a beat when he saw Lu Xingzhi’s gloomy expression. It was his typical upset mode. Was it because of Zhou Weiqi’s teasing that Jiang Yao had vented her anger at Lu Xingzhi?

“Xingzhi, what’s the matter?” Cheng Xuyao poured tea into Lu Xingzhi’s cup and asked with a pleasing smile. “Did Jiang Yao get angry after being teased by Weiqi?”

“No.” Lu Xingzhi shook his head as he reached for the teacup. “She wasn’t angry, she just informed me about some family matters.”

“Is something going on at home?” Liang Yueze asked. “Tricky problem?”

“The tricky part is the connection of the people involved, not the problem itself,” Lu Xingzhi said faintly. Then, he grabbed the car key and tapped on Zhou Weiqi’s seat. “I’ll head off to the base first. Zhou Weiqi, remember to send my phone to the base. Secondly, don’t call and harass my wife again. If you do, I’ll personally go after you.”

“Yes, yes, yes! Roger that!” Zhou Weiqi muttered hastily. He didn’t dare tackle the distressed tiger.

Lu Xingzhi left Longteng Restaurant and head straight to the base through the night. It was almost ten o’clock when he arrived at the base.

He didn’t go directly to the dorm, but instead, he went to his office.

His office was the only room that was lit in the entire office building. Lu Xingzhi opened the drawer, took out a pack of cigarettes, and lit one stick skillfully.