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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 67 - Sister-in-Law, Help!

Chapter 67: Sister-in-Law, Help!

“Nothing is more fragile than money, including brotherhood.” Liang Yueze threw the statement at Zhou Weiqi’s face, then added after seeing his gloomy face, “If you come with your wife, children, or parents, whatever you order is on the house. The only exception is those girlfriends whose looks I can’t even remember, let alone their names.”

The corner of Zhou Weiqi’s lips dragged downward, his frown added to a more sullen look. “Where do I find a wife and children? Big Brother, you are discriminating against loners now that you’re getting married! It’s not fair!”

“Okay, including fiancée,” Liang Yueze counterproposed.

Lu Xingzhi thought about it and added, “Including the partner whom you’re serious about and ready to get married to.”

“I’ve decided to sever my tie with Brother Yueze and Brother Xingzhi! And you, Luo Lauren, don’t laugh, I don’t want to be your friend either! I want to hop on a plane and find comfort from Brother Haoyu 1 to heal my broken heart.”

Zhou Weiqi pulled his chair away from Lu Xingzhi and Liang Yueze that he almost went out of the door. Then, he put his hands on the chest where his heart was, showing a sad and dejected expression.

“Go and try, I dare you,” Luo Lauren sneered. “Careful though, you may end up being kicked back on the plane.”

“Nah, Haoyu is very kind and nice, unlike you guys, a bunch of wolves in sheep’s clothing,” Zhou Weiqi snorted. He then picked up his phone and huffed, “I’m going to make an international call to Brother Haoyu and complain about how you all, including Chen Xuyao, bully me when he’s not around!”

With the phone in his grip, Zhou Weiqi sprinted out of the room and into the empty corridor. Then, he sheepishly plastered his ear against the door and listened to the conversation inside the room. When he was certain no one was going after him, he touched the tip of his nose while grinning slyly. He unlocked his phone, looked through the contact history, and dialed the number that was called earlier.

The phone rang for a long time. Zhou Weiqi listened to the activities in the room gingerly while muttering for the person on the other end of the line to pick up.

Finally, someone picked up the phone. A very tender voice resonated from the other end of the line.

“Hello, Xingzhi?”

Zhou Weiqi was stunned upon the gentle voice. He didn’t expect that Jiang Yao would call out Lu Xingzhi’s name in such a soft and chocolate-like voice.

After a short while, Zhou Weiqi regained his composure and shouted into the phone, “Sister-in-Law, it’s me, Zhou Weiqi! You must help me! Xingzhi is bullying me! He takes advantage of me and abuses me! Sister, I’m so miserable! Please, I beg you for mercy!”

Zhou Weiqi’s intention was clear—he wanted the people in the room to hear his cry, hence, he howled at the top of his lungs.

On the other end of the line, Jiang Yao froze in confusion. The number displayed was indeed the same as the one that Lu Xingzhi had called from earlier. If the guy was addressing her as sister-in-law, the brother he meant must be Lu Xingzhi.

As she listened to the ramblings, she deduced that he was indeed being bullied by Lu Xingzhi, and that he had called her to complain simply because he couldn’t defeat Lu Xingzhi.

When Jiang Yao thought of it, she imagined Zhou Weiqi to be as childish as a three-year-old boy and burst out laughing.

“Sister-in-Law, are you laughing?” Zhou Weiqi was in shock as the laughter echoed through the line. “Sister-in-Law, what about your empathy?”

“My hands are tied, can’t you at least allow me to ease the tension by laughing?” Jiang Yao said as she muffled her laughter, but she still chuckled as she found it hilarious.