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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 651 - Tiger or Rabbit

Chapter 651: Tiger or Rabbit

“Qianliang, you…” Zhu Qianlan could only stand there and look at her brother worriedly from afar.

Zhu Qianliang was Zhu Qianlan’s younger brother. He came to Nanjiang City this time to help Zhu Qianlan secure her position.

He had just heard from Zhu Qianlan that Huang Cheng from Hai Run Corporation was out of ideas. He heard from Zhu Qianlan that the person who bought the raw stones at the auction that day was the woman called Jiang Yao. It was also this woman who snatched Huang Chengjing from her, causing Zhu Qianlan to lose face several times with Huang Chengjing.

Only then did Zhu Qianliang bring Zhu Qianlan over. Firstly, he wanted to discuss something with Jiang Yao. He wanted Jiang Yao to name a price and then help tell the public that the raw stones she bought from the market were of top quality. Secondly, he wanted Jiang Yao to leave Huang Chengjing and not compete with Zhu Qianlan for a man.

In Zhu Qianlan’s words, Jiang Yao was a vain woman who only had money in her eyes. She was also an unfaithful woman who was promiscuous even though she was married.

Jiang Yao’s husband, on the other hand, was a poor soldier who did not have the ability to live off women. He was the kind of man who made his wife earn money from other men for his enjoyment.

Zhu Qianlan had reminded him before that the soldier looked scary. However, in Zhu Qianliang’s eyes, a man who relied on a woman to earn a living was merely an ant in his eyes, let alone an ordinary soldier.

Zhu Qianliang despised men who relied on women to make a living. Therefore, Zhu Qianliang had always thought that he was superior to others. If he asked if they minded, it would just be a question of upbringing. However, he was not prepared to wait for their reply.

As one of the male descendants of the Zhu family, Zhu Qianliang had been living in the same city since he was young. Because of Zhu Qianlan and his analysis, Zhu Qianliang even felt that it was their blessing that he could sit with them.

Besides, he wanted to talk to them about money. They should be respectful towards him.

Therefore, Zhu Qianliang would never have dreamed that the man who lived off women would have such a strong temper.

That kick made his limbs go weak.

Zhu Qianliang took a long time to recover from the shock. He stood up from his chair and started to study the man Zhu Qianlan had been talking about.

Zhu Qianliang was more successful than Zhu Qianlan in the Zhu family, not only because he was a man, but also because he was smarter than Zhu Qianlan.

With that kick just now, Zhu Qianliang had reason to suspect that the man was definitely not the man Zhu Qianlan was talking about.

A man who relied on a woman to earn a living would not have such a terrifying aura. He stood there, and with just one look, he could suppress him so much that he could not help but breathe lightly. As he stood there and looked at him from afar, it made him feel that the man was a fierce tiger in a rage, while he was an antelope that had accidentally angered the fierce tiger.

“Sorry, I was rude just now.” Zhu Qianliang stood up and walked back to apologize.

Although he did not know the man’s real identity, Zhu Qianliang was sure that this man was not simple. It was possible that he was a*****, and that was why he had such a violent temper.

In any era, merchants were unwilling to fight with officials. Zhu Qianliang knew this.