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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 65 - Stone Face

Chapter 65: Stone Face

Lu Xingzhi mumbled an ‘okay’ and fell silent. The corridor of the restaurant was empty and the night was quite windy. When they were both not speaking, Jiang Yao could hear the faint sound of the wind blowing over the phone.

“Where are you now? I hear the wind blowing, is it windy over there?” Jiang Yao asked.

“I’m at a restaurant called Longteng in Jindo. I’m now standing in the open-air corridor talking to you. It’s very nice here, I’ll bring you here on the National Day holiday. The food is really delicious, I bet you’ll like it very much.”

He wanted to mention Liang Yueze and Luo Lauren’s wedding, but he clamped his mouth shut before he could blurt it out. After some quick consideration, he decided he would only tell her when she came to visit him on the National Day in case she ran away.

Jiang Yao was astonished by the remarks that she nodded involuntarily. It was a few seconds later when she realized that the man was calling her instead of standing in front of her, so he wouldn’t be able to see her reaction. She frantically replied, “Okay.”

Thinking of the fact that Lu Xingzhi hadn’t had his dinner yet and that he’d just completed his tiresome mission, Jiang Yao urged him to go back to his dinner and hung up again without waiting for Lu Xingzhi’s response.

After the call, Jiang Yao subconsciously hummed and trotted joyfully towards the kitchen, while in Jindo, Lu Xingzhi stood in the corridor in a trance for a while. Then, he chuckled and returned to the room.

“Oh my god! Xuyao, look quickly! Xingzhi is smiling, isn’t he?”

After Lu Xingzhi went out, Zhou Weiqi hoped so badly that he could glue his ear on the wall and eavesdrop on their conversation. He was waiting anxiously and excitedly for Lu Xingzhi’s return. Unexpectedly, the man who was always on the phone for no longer than a minute suddenly talked for about twenty minutes. He didn’t even manage to wipe the smile off his face before returning to the room.

Chen Xuyao nodded solemnly. “Yes, I see that.”

Lu Xingzhi sat back at his seat and returned the phone to Zhou Weiqi. When he saw the astonished looks on Chen Xuyao’s and Zhou Weiqi’s faces, he tapped the table lightly, signalling to them to get rid of the looks on their face and said in dismay, “I don’t have a stone face, is it so weird to know that I can smile?”

“Yes! Of course it’s weird!” Chen Xuyao nodded like a woodpecker. “You’re not just a stone face, you’re beyond that!”

“Yes, yes! You and Yueze are the champions of the stone face category!” Zhou Weiqi looked at Liang Yueze and said, “Brother, you have a stone face too. You and Xingzhi are the most alike among us brothers!”

“Weiqi, do you want me to feed you personally?” Liang Yueze stared daggers at Zhou Weiqi that sent him shrinking fearfully in his seat.

“No thanks, I don’t deserve such pleasure,” Zhou Weiqi mumbled gingerly.

“Weiqi,” Lu Xingzhi shouted as he looked frigidly at Zhou Weiqi, who was looking back at him like a cute little bunny. “Or, would you like me to feed you?”

“NO!” Zhou Weiqi rejected it immediately. “Please, spare me! Xingzhi, why are you calling me? Come on, I’m all ears!”

Lu Xingzhi and Liang Yueze were best known for their vicious temperaments. If any of these two were to feed him, indigestion was the best he could pray for. He might even have to go to the hospital.

Chen Xuyao had a hard time suppressing his laughter upon the hilarious scene. He was smart enough to know that Lu Xingzhi and Liang Yueze were not people he could offend.

‘Sigh, I miss that dude who is always overseas all year round,’ Chen Xuyao thought to himself.