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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 638 - Good Kitty Mimi

Chapter 638: Good Kitty Mimi

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Silly!" Lu Yuqing flicked Jiang Yao's forehead with her fingers. "Everyone can see just how infatuated you are with Xingzhi. The way you look at him spells a big fat 'love' from your eyes. He doesn't want you to ignore him, that's why he acted the way he did. He took advantage of your soft-hearted tendency. Just look at your swollen lips from all the kissing!"

Jiang Yao hurriedly covered her lips with her hands. Oh, how she was going to choke Lu Xingzhi to death!

Just how did he come up with all these schemes and maneuvers to deal with her?

And why did he bite and chew around when they were kissing? Now everyone knew just what they were up to when they left!

Afraid that Lu Yuqing would not let her off the hook, Jiang Yao hurriedly retorted, "Nobody looks at him that way! Ain't nobody that sappy!"

"Well, you can ask around if you don't believe me." Lu Yuqing smiled. "When you look at him, it seems that the world has ceased to exist."

Lu Yuqing knew where to draw the line. After a few more rounds of teasing, she left Jiang Yao alone and happily went over to distribute food to the children.

She remembered how irritated she was at Jiang Yao's cocky and egoistic behavior when she first married Lu Xingzhi. Unfortunately, he already had his eyes set on her.

She did not expect a changed Jiang Yao to have such a soft side to her. It was fun to be able to tease her once in a while.

While she was envious of Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi's relationship, she genuinely wished they would stay this way until the end of times.

Jiang Yao knew that Lu Yuqing was only pulling her leg so she was not upset at all.

It was a big group of children but they were especially well-behaved, lining up to receive their respective food rations. The youngest stood at the very front of the line and they all went ahead only when it was their turn.

It was obvious that they were well-educated by the teachers in the orphanage.

The last child in line was the little boy with the kitten. He was not the oldest kid but he wanted to talk to the two young ladies giving out the food.

After receiving his food rations, the little boy showed Jiang Yao and Lu Yuqing the kitten in his arms and said, "Sis, do you like cats? We found it in the orphanage. It lost its parents, just like us. You have food, can you take it home?"

"Sis, Mimi is very well-behaved. It's quiet and doesn't mind anyone picking it up. It eats only a little too. If you take it home, you don't have to feed it much," the children by the side added.

They were very young but they knew that the kitten would starve to death if it was not given to someone else with the means to rear it