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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 637 - Humiliation

Chapter 637: Humiliation

“If we leave, our teacher is going to be lonely.” A little girl by the side continued, “We are very good kids and we don’t mind living in the tent. Mr. Firefighter, can you ask the adults to let us stay?”

The two children’s tender words, filled with simple hopes, were spoken softly because they were afraid of angering the adults. It was a heart-wrenching sight for the adults around them.

If they were children of other families, they would have been cherished by their parents. However, even though they were very young, they knew how to observe the atmosphere and speak accordingly.

“Let’s eat, shall we?” Lu Yuqing did not know how to answer the kids’ simple request. She was only an ordinary citizen and had no say at all. It was under the jurisdiction of the relevant authorities.

Lu Xingzhi finally came. Perhaps his cold expression was too intense, the children scurried behind the firefighters upon seeing him. They looked at him with fear in their eyes.

“You scared the kids,” complained Jiang Yao as she shoved Lu Xingzhi away.

What did he do?!

“Stay here, Darling, I have some errands to run at the platoon command center.” He continued, “look after Sis. Do not let Huang Chengjing get anywhere near her. He doesn’t deserve my sister.”

And off he went after giving Jiang Yao a gentle pat on the head.

The children all breathed a sigh of relief after Lu Xingzhi left. It was a cute sight!

“Sis, that mister right there looks frightening.” The little boy with the kitten said, “He hits people?”

“Did you see his military uniform? He is a soldier! Therefore, he only hits the bad guys! He is a hero too, do you know that? Just like Mr. Firefighter here, they are all heroes,” explained Jiang Yao with a smile on her face.

The firefighters smiled shyly.

“Wait, you got back together?” Lu Yuqing shoved Jiang Yao with her shoulder and said, “Look at you running out of the tent at full speed in humiliation, I thought you would get mad at him for a few days. Look, a few hours was all it took instead!”

“I wasn’t humiliated! Sis, what do you mean?” Jiang Yao wanted to cover her face badly. Did Lu Yuqing know the reason for her escape in the morning?

How embarrassing!

“Right, Sis, Xingzhi asked me to look after you and prevent Huang Chengjing from getting anywhere near you.” Jiang Yao smirked. “Say, will you be alright on your own or should I do the job?”

“Ask that little brat to mind his own business!” retorted Lu Yuqing. “Say, a few words was all it took for him to put you in a good mood? Jiang Yao, that’s quite disappointing!”

“What else can I do?” Jiang Yao answered, albeit in a softer tone. “After all, I was quite unreasonable when we first got married. I don’t want him to overthink again.”