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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 635 - A Bunch of Nonsense

Chapter 635: A Bunch of Nonsense

If that was Zhu Qianlan’s purpose, it sure was puzzling to Jiang Yao.

Did women nowadays think like this?

In Jiang Yao’s opinion, a smart woman who finds herself in Zhu Qianlan’s situation would try her best to prevent her love rival from divorcing her current husband.

Zhu Qianlan’s action was extremely bizarre.

“What nonsense are you spewing?” Lu Xingzhi tapped Jiang Yao’s head. It was a gentle hit, but it meant that he was not happy hearing Jiang Yao mentioning the word “divorce”.

Hit by Lu Xingzhi out of the blue, Jiang Yao turned her focus toward him and noticing his sour expression, explained hurriedly, “It was just a presumption, how can we get divorced? It is never happening ever since the day we exchanged our wedding vows! Plus, I want kids! A whole platoon of them!”

Jiang Yao knew the importance of soothing one’s temper, especially if that person was her husband.

Not surprisingly, Jiang Yao’s words did brighten Lu Xingzhi’s face.

“Definitely.” It was good Jiang Yao understood his sentiment. Although he could not help but reaffirm his stance.

Once they were wedded, with their names joined together in his account, there was no chance, not even the tiniest bit, that she could leave him. Not even till death.

Zhu Qianlan stood dumbfounded, obviously analyzing what Jiang Yao just said. Jiang Yao, on the other hand, had no intention of wasting her time on this stupid and ignorant woman.

“Let’s go.” She grabbed Lu Xingzhi’s massive hand and left, walking in front of Zhu Qianlan like she was non-existent.

Zhu Qianlan was dismayed to find the legitimacy of Jiang Yao’s reply; it made her look like a complete fool.

She was even more shocked that Jiang Yao’s husband did not for once doubt her, even with the accusations that were mentioned.

Far away from Zhu Qianlan, Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao and asked with disgust in his voice, “Who was that idiot?”

If she had any semblance of intelligence, she would have known who Huang Chengjing fancied.

Even he could see immediately that Huang Chengjing liked his sister. Yet, this woman, who insisted that she liked him, had no idea who he was actually attracted to.

Should one not be able to read the other’s eyes, if the attraction was genuine?

Just like him, he was able to grasp what Jiang Yao was thinking just by where her gaze was.

This was an understanding between people who loved each other and would observe their spouse’s body language in an attempt to fully comprehend their thoughts.

“Someone who loves Huang Chengjing to death.” Jiang Yao shrugged. “We met when I went to the stone betting trade fair with Huang Chengjing. It was organized by the Zhu family. She is their daughter and the person-in-charge at Nanjiang City.”

“You are into stone betting now?” Lu Xingzhi shifted his attention onto Jiang Yao’s foray into stone betting.