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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 632 - Carried Away

Chapter 632: Carried Away

Lu Xingzhi was stumped, he could not think of a reply to Jiang Yao’s retort.

It reminded him of Jiang Yao’s mysophobia and how she would wash her hands multiple times a day and use a few washbasins for various activities. They could never share their usage, Jiang Yao was very particular about it.

He was relieved after realizing that it was just Jiang Yao’s habit and had nothing to do with him.

That was all that mattered.

“The rescue efforts are coming to an end with the water levels of the flood greatly receding today. The weather these days seems to be great and we will be leaving Rong County earlier. The superiors are currently deciding on how to resume the selection process.” Lu Xingzhi pulled Jiang Yao into an embrace. “I thought we could meet for a half-day at least after the selection, but looking at things now, it will be another week before I can see you again.”

“A half-day? I think we were seeing each other for more than that.” Jiang Yao chuckled. “That’s way more than what you expected, right?”

“Still not enough, I want you to be always by my side!” Lu Xingzhi immediately put his lips onto Jiang Yao’s.

While she was used to his sudden assaults now.

During summer break, he would still be cautious about displaying too much affection in public. Now, these were only afterthoughts and he was not worried at all if someone else were to see them.

After leaving the female soldier, Zhu Qianlan, strutting along on her heels, went in the direction Jiang Yao was last seen heading toward.

She probably would not have expected to find the scene unfolding behind an inconspicuous corner.

A tall and domineering figure of a man dressed in military attire pushing a woman onto the wall with his lips tightly on hers. The man placed his hands, one on the woman’s waist, the other on the side of her face. From where she stood, the woman’s face could not be seen, but her clothing was recognized as one of Jiang Yao’s.

Zhu Qianlan was startled. She looked at the couple, drowned in fiery passion, with mixed feelings in her heart.

She was not a naive girl. Instead, she was married once and understood the connection when a man and a woman were together.

She thought that the relationship between a husband and a wife was just like her parents, cordial and polite, or like hers with her ex-husband, strangers they used to know.

The passionate couple was only a thing of the movies.

Yet, she saw it with her own eyes now the scene that could only be seen in films.

Just how much did a man love his woman to ignore his image in public just to kiss her.

A kiss of passion, a kiss that brought them out of reality, ignoring the very existence of other people.