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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 624 - Human Nature

Chapter 624: Human Nature

The tent’s soundproofing was not too good. Even though Jiang Yao had lowered her voice, General Chen still caught the entire conversation going on outside.

He was not surprised at the doctors’ complaints but was quite astonished to hear Jiang Yao’s reply.

He smiled and said to Chen Feitang, “Lu Xingzhi’s wife is really a gem! No wonder the Liang family likes her so much!”

It was only an exclamation by General Chen at the moment. He did not plan to talk more about it to his granddaughter.

“My apologies, everyone. I was a little too anxious just now, please forgive any of my misdoings. I am not doubting your abilities, but my grandson here has old injuries that need monitoring. That’s why I brought along the doctor who is tasked to look after him.”

The old injuries were just an excuse but General Chen knew that he needed to say something nice even though he had no faith in these doctors’ ability.

Especially here in Rong County, the medical staff here were people who came to provide relief and medical support. They were the heroes of the disaster and as a general, he should not have dismissed their efforts.

The doctors and nurses knew that the general overheard their conversation after he apologized. Having listened to Jiang Yao’s reasoning, they already thought that their displeasure was a little unreasonable. Now that General Chen came to apologize personally, they got very nervous.

“No no no! Sir, it was our mistake. What you did is human nature. Please forgive us.” A doctor spoke up.

General Chen smiled and said nothing more. He knew how to calm people down and knew just how much to say to command respect.

“Jiang Yao!” He waved at Jiang Yao and instantly his expression softened. “You saved Feibai? The Chen family is now indebted to you, I don’t even know how to express my gratitude! He is our only child, and if anything happens to him, I don’t…”

The general sighed. Chen Feibai’s incident gave the entire Chen family quite a fright.

Yet, when he spoke he did not take into account Chen Feitang standing right behind. Hearing from her grandfather saying that Chen Feibai was the only child, her expression paled but immediately returned to normal, as if she heard nothing.

“I just happened to be at the right place at the right time, General Chen. Chen Feibai was very lucky to have survived. You should be proud of him, he is a hero here!” Of course, Jiang Yao noticed Chen Feitang’s grimace.

She was not surprised to find Chen Feitang here as she was a participant in the selection process.