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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 63 - Speculation

Chapter 63: Speculation

“I’ll wait while eating.” Lu Xingzhi pulled his chair and sat back down.

He had wanted to call back, but changed his mind on second thought.

He was anticipating what she would do. Would she get antsy and call him back first? How long would she wait before she called him back? Would she even call him back after hanging up on him?

“Seriously, are you really waiting for Jiang Yao to call you back?” Zhou Weiqi glanced at Lu Xingzhi as he guessed his underlying intention correctly. He burst into a laugh and blurted out, “Haha! Okay, just wait until the end of time. Brother, just tell me frankly if you want my phone. I’m a very generous person, so if you like the phone so much, I can give it to you.”

Lu Xingzhi simply glared at Zhou Weiqi silently and started eating.

“Big Brother, look at Xingzhi!” Zhou Weiqi was genuinely concerned about Lu Xingzhi, but he couldn’t persuade him. Luckily, they had someone respectable and honorable with them tonight.

The big brother whom Zhou Weiqi was referring to was Liang Yueze, who was sitting next to Lu Xingzhi. When the boys were talking, Liang Yueze was peeling shrimps for Luo Lauren beside him quietly. When Zhou Weiqi called his name, he casually peeled the shell off the shrimp, putting it into Luo Lauren’s bowl, and then glanced at Zhou Weiqi.

“It’s such a pleasure to be Brother Liang’s wife.” Zhou Weiqi drooled like a puppy as he stared at the shrimps in Luo Lauren’s bowl. His gluttony was printed right on his face.

“Zhou Weiqi, if you dare grab my food, I swear I’ll chop your hand off!” Luo Lauren was very protective of her food. She could immediately tell Zhou Weiqi’s vicious scheme from his expression.

Zhou Weiqi dispelled his thought of grabbing the shrimps after a sharp glare from his big brother, but still stubbornly relented. “Luo Lauren, you stingy girl!”

After that, Luo Lauren’s laughter echoed across the silent room. Liang Yueze turned to speak to Lu Xingzhi. “I remember you saying that your wife applied for the medical school in Jindo. Did she receive the admission letter?”

“She was accepted to Nanjiang Medical School, which is closer to our home.” Lu Xingzhi glued his gaze at Zhou Weiqi’s phone as he was speaking.

“Did she fail or…?” Liang Yueze froze for a while. “Do you need someone to arrange for her to be transferred to Jindo Medical School?”

“For the time being, no. Let’s see how things go.” Lu Xingzhi’s lips twitched. “If she wants to go to Nanjiang, then let her be.”

“Brother, if Jiang Yao goes to Nanjiang, you guys will remain in a long-distance relationship. I was happy for you when I heard you saying she’ll apply for the university in Jindo,” Chen Xuyao said in bewilderment. “We have a way to get her accepted to Jindo Medical School, so why don’t you just transfer her here already? By then, she has to come here whether she likes it or not, or she wouldn’t be admitted into any other colleges otherwise. She’ll definitely come here then.”

“Are you stupid? Use your brain before you ask any questions. Didn’t you hear him say that Jiang Yao wants to go to Nanjiang Medical School? With her results, I’m positively sure that she’d be accepted to Jindo University. From what I can see, she doesn’t want to come to Jindo.” Zhou Weiqi blurted out what he had in mind without a second thought.

“Zhou Weiqi, just eat,” Liang Yueze groaned with an obvious hint of frustration. It wasn’t just Chen Xuyao—Zhou Weiqi was a dim-wit too.

Liang Yueze could sense some temptations in Lu Xingzhi’s tone. Although he had said no, it was probably just for the time being. He had added ‘let’s see how things go’, so it meant that there was a possibility he would get her to Jindo in the future.