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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 617 - Protect Yourself

Chapter 617: Protect Yourself

“It works?” Jiang Yao was doubtful.

“Trust me, he would never want to see you cry.” Lu Xingzhi was Lu Yuqing’s own brother. As his sister, she understood how he was like.

“You are Xingzhi’s most cherished person. He loves you, that is why he will panic seeing you cry,” Lu Yuqing remarked. “When a man truly loves you, even your sneeze is a thing to be concerned about. So, please don’t do anything to make him worry.”

Jiang Yao nodded.

She then looked at Lu Yuqing again.

And finally understood all Lu Yuqing said before was a lead-in for her last sentence, a reminder to Jiang Yao. Perhaps she was afraid that as a young lady, Jiang Yao would pretend to listen to Lu Xingzhi, only to act stubbornly once again without his presence.

After all, that was how she used to be.

“If you really wanted to come, we can’t stop you. But you could have come with us in a group. It’s safer that way. You are a woman, and driving alone all the way here is bound to worry a lot of people. I’m not sure if you’re aware of how much Xingzhi loves you. If anything happens to you, it is the end of the world for him. Since young, he has always been a stubborn person. You are perhaps his greatest attachment.

Lu Yuqing smiled before adding. “Jiang Yao, you are so lucky to have a man like Xingzhi. That’s why protecting yourself is safeguarding Lu Xingzhi’s world.”

“I understand, Sis. I will be more careful next time.” Jiang Yao apologized. She understood her loved ones’ concern, even though she possessed plenty of hidden powers.

Seeing Lu Yuqing’s changing expression, Jiang Yao knew that she was reminded of her marriage, a sad and pathetic love story.

“Sis. You are a good woman and a pretty one too! I know that you will meet a guy once more, someone who truly deserves you.” Jiang Yao comforted her.

Suddenly, Lu Yuqing laughed and looked at Jiang Yao before patting her head and said, “Silly girl, not everyone is as lucky as you.”

She jumped down from the table. “It’s not too shabby being alone. After you have kids with Xingzhi, I can help look after them. It is enough for me to see them grow into adults.”

“If you really want to live a single life, I will have my children treat you like their own mother. Whoever disrespects you will get a beating from Xingzhi!” Jiang Yao promised.

Lu Yuqing glanced at Jiang Yao. “Why Xingzhi? Why not the mother herself?”

“I play the role of a loving mother, giving out advice in a gentle tone after the kids come to me from their father’s beating.” Jiang Yao winked mischievously.

Changkang Group’s relief supplies were still on their way to being delivered. Plenty of resources were completely sold out in Nanjiang City so Manager Sun had to use his connections and purchase them from some companies around the city. Later in the afternoon, both the interim employee and Manager Sun left for Nanjiang City while Lu Yuqing remained at the relief site.