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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 616 - The Method

Chapter 616: The Method

Lu Xingzhi’s expression darkened as he kicked his comrade on the butt. “This is my wife! My legally married wife! Let me see you one more time with your antics and I’m going to give you a lesson!”

“I don’t know who’s giving who a lesson yet!” The man was not mad at all. He came from a different platoon and did not know Lu Xingzhi well enough to be afraid of him. They were all the same when they came to the selection process and were the cream of the crop in their respective platoons. He smiled at Jiang Yao and apologized, “I am sorry, I was just kidding around with your husband.”

Jiang Yao shook her head. She was not angry at all. Perhaps Lu Xingzhi’s comrades thought that she was Lu Xiaoxiao instead.

“It’s raining out here, go into the tent and wait for me. I am going to help move the supplies around.” Lu Xingzhi pushed Jiang Yao into the tent and went on his way.

Jiang Yao saw Lu Yuqing sitting on a hastily-built table upon entering the tent and asked, “I didn’t know you came, Sis!”

After all, she only saw Manager Sun when she came over just now.

“Manager Sun told me of your arrangements and I came to contribute a little help since I have nothing to do in Nanjiang City.” Lu Yuqing tapped the empty spot next to her. “We don’t have chairs here, come on up.”

Jiang Yao sat on the table and received a water bottle given by Lu Yuqing.

“I thought you were going to fight with Lu Xingzhi for at least a couple of days. That was all it took for you to get back on speaking terms?” Lu Yuqing stole a glimpse at Jiang Yao. “Oh, girl! He hit you! You should’ve made a big scene out of it!”

“Sis, are you trying to make matters worse here?” Jiang Yao pouted. “You are not a good sister. I need to tell Xingzhi that you were trying to incite a fight between the two of us!”

Lu Yuqing almost choked on drinking water. “Ahem! Look at you! I am afraid you have been taken advantage of by that little rascal! Let me tell you, Xingzhi has really low EQ but he is an extremely intelligent guy. Look, he wanted to teach you a lesson but was afraid that you’d get mad, so what did he do? He used his warfare tactics on you! If he succeeds just once, you are going to have one hell of a time in the future.”

Lu Yuqing snickered and looked at the entrance. After making sure that Lu Xingzhi was not around, she moved closer to Jiang Yao and said, “If ever he wants to hit or scold you, let me teach you a way to outsmart him. I guarantee you that it has a hundred percent success rate!

“What?” Jiang Yao was in doubt. “I don’t believe you. He has his ways of doing things and is very persistent. If one doesn’t work on me, he has more lining up!”

“Are you an idiot? Why’d you let him do however he likes? He’s too used to training new recruits in the platoon. If you let him be, you are never going to see the light of day anymore!” Lu Yuqing set down the water bottle in her hands. “You know how I am. I do this not because I don’t want you in a loving relationship.”

Jiang Yao nodded.

“Whenever he gives you a hard time, you just need to react like this. Look at him and cry! Once you start crying, he will panic. Whatever you ask him to do then will be fulfilled. Your tears are his Achilles’ Heels!” Lu Yuqing thought her idea was brilliant and sat there chuckling.