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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 612 - The Now

Chapter 612: The Now

“Shut up!” Lu Xingzhi growled. “Let me make it clear, Jiang Yao! You stop yourself from doing risky things! If you die, I am going to make you into a mummy and keep you with me for all eternity!”

Jiang Yao shook her shoulders instinctively. She was not startled by the contents of his outburst but more so at his unchecked anger.

“Speak! Didn’t you hear me?” Lu Xingzhi’s anger rose when he did not receive any reply from Jiang Yao.

Was she protesting in silence?

“Lu Xingzhi, what is wrong with you? You asked me to keep my mouth shut first!” Jiang Yao retorted.

“That was before, it’s different now!” Lu Xingzhi was choked by Jiang Yao’s response, he seemed to have made a blunder.

Anyway, he cooled down a little after the exchange.

He sighed resignedly.

“Darling, let’s talk.” As he tried to speak in a relaxed tone, “I am sorry for getting mad at you. Let’s have a civil discussion on the matter of you coming to Rong County.”

“Your apologies mean nothing to me!” Jiang Yao did not believe that Lu Xingzhi was genuine in his apology. She knew that he chose a different approach trying to get her to talk.

“If you are still mad, you can hit me all you want after our discussion,” said Lu Xingzhi earnestly.

Jiang Yao really misunderstood him this time around.

He truly regretted raising his voice at Jiang Yao because he realized that her headstrong spirit had surfaced because of him.

He got it totally wrong this time.

In fact, if he pretended to be tired and act all soft and mellow in front of her, things would have been settled a long time ago.

“Darling, I am concerned about you, I might have done it in an inappropriate way.” Lu Xingzhi gave out a long sigh. “Since the beginning of the selection process, right until the search and rescue mission, I slept less than ten hours in total. It may be my weakened mental state, that’s why I got so mad at you. Please forgive me, you can hit me however you want once we talk this over.”

He then looked at Jiang Yao and observed her expression. Seeing her softening look, he breathed a sigh of relief.

After all, Jiang Yao cared deeply about him.

“Think about this, what if something bad happened to you while you were driving alone in the pouring rain? What would I do without you?” Lu Xingzhi caressed her face and wiped the raindrops off her cheeks. “There will only be one Jiang Yao in the world and you are the only woman I will ever love. Do you know just how helpless I will be if I ever lose you?”

Jiang Yao understood what Lu Xingzhi was trying to get at, however, she was no match for his approach.

She kept thinking to herself not to give up her hard stance. Otherwise, Lu Xingzhi would take advantage of her in the future!

However, her defenses crumbled when he told her how helpless he would be after losing her.