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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 610 - Amazing

Chapter 610: Amazing

“Don’t worry, Captain Lu, he is safe now. Your wife dressed his wounds well, and after the fever is gone, he will be as good as new after a good rest.” The doctor explained in smiles. “You are an amazing couple! One is a soldier fighting the disaster the other a doctor who rescued a soldier!”

Lu Xingzhi curled his lips and thought to himself just how amazing his wife was. She drove, alone, into the disaster zone and found Chen Feibai. Not just that, she was also the owner of both Shengqi Hospital and Changkang Group.

As for him, his efforts in the frontlines these past few days paled in comparison to her.


Lu Xingzhi did not look too happy, but the General, on the other hand, was smiling.

He patted Jiang Yao’s shoulders and nodded. “Amazing! Amazing! You are a hero!”

The General was genuinely pleased. Chen Feibai’s identity was special. The military could not notify the Chen family until hours after the incident happened.

Immediately, the Chen family contacted the nearest military base and requested the usage of a helicopter to search for him in the night.

With last night’s pouring rain, it was dangerous for the helicopter to be airborne. But, it went up into the skies anyway, all to search for Chen Feibai. Perhaps they were unlucky or perhaps it was the nasty weather, the helicopter could not fight a single trace of Chen Feibai even though it spent the entire night circling the skies of Rong County.

Only when dawn arrived, the battered helicopter was withdrawn and used on other avenues.

Everyone thought that the worst had happened.

Perhaps, his body would one day be found floating in the water. Or maybe, his body would never be found, destined to lay in eternity in a foreign land.

Just when they were all deep in sadness thinking of ways to inform the Chen family, Shengqi Hospital called with good news, stating that the washed-away soldier was found and in stable condition.

“Thank you so much, General, I was just doing my part.” Jiang Yao accepted the General’s praise without much of a reaction. She gave him a smile and did not speak further.

“The other search and rescue teams have just arrived. Lu Xingzhi, you and your team should rest.” The General said seriously. “I understand that the more people we have, the better it is for rescue efforts. But your team is different. Each and every one of you were up in the mountains of Ying County for the past week going through the gruelling selection process. Some have not slept well for a long time. We are the best, the protector of our people, but we are still human beings and need to rest. I don’t want anyone of you to die of extreme exhaustion. Go and tell everyone to stop what they are doing, this is an order!”