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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 609 - Answer My Question

Chapter 609: Answer My Question

She was relieved to learn from the System Admin that Lu Xingzhi had sustained only minor scratches. However, he seemed to be in a state of high mental focus for an extended period of time and was not able to rest since.

“Answer my question first.” Seeing Jiang Yao’s softened stance, only then did Lu Xingzhi pull her into his embrace.

Of course, he was angry, but she was right here in front of him, he was a fool not to get a little physical and intimate with her.

He was at the Changkang Group’s site just a while ago. According to Manager Sun, all employees of the company came, which were him and Lu Yuqing. Although, Jiang Yao did not come with. At least, that was what Manager Sun said.

That was why he was startled to see Jiang Yao’s sudden appearance.

“I drove here myself since yesterday afternoon,” said Jiang Yao. “Chen Feibai! I saved Chen Feibai!”

Jiang Yao bobbed her head, desperately wanting Lu Xingzhi to praise her. “I found him at a river between Rong County and Jade River County. He was lying on a rock in the middle of the river.”

Lu Xingzhi’s temper boiled when he heard that Jiang Yao came alone, as his temples started pulsating, and then he heard that she departed yesterday and found Chen Feibai. His rage immediately soared.

Seeing her expressing her desire to be praised, Lu Xingzhi struggled to hold down thoughts of giving her another beating then and there.

“Where is Chen Feibai? How is he doing?” Lu Xingzhi’s voice was as cold as the freezing winter rain.

Jiang Yao shook her body and looked at Lu Xingzhi. Was he too relieved to learn that Chen Feibai was safe?

“Over at Shengqi Hospital’s site, let’s go!” As they started walking, headed for the aforementioned location.

After Chen Feibai’s rescue, the doctor immediately informed the superiors of the platoon on the frontlines. At this moment, other than the medical staff, Chen Feibai’s comrades and superiors were all gathered in the tent.

With the arrival of visitors, the doctor turned his attention to the entrance and saw Jiang Yao entering. He spoke to the several superiors beside him, “This doctor right here rescued the soldier!”

Lu Xingzhi entered holding Jiang Yao’s hand and only let it go when saluting his superior. “General!”

Right in front of him stood the head of a military company in the south, one of the prominent leaders of the special forces unit selection process.

He nodded and asked, “I thought you were supposed to erect the tents delivered by Changkang Group? Why are you here?”

Perhaps he remembered seeing Lu Xingzhi holding Chen Feibai’s rescuer’s hand when he entered, he looked at Jiang Yao before asking, “So, what are you two?”

“She’s my wife,” Lu Xingzhi explained. “How is Chen Feibai?”