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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 608 - The Audacity

Chapter 608: The Audacity

Anyhow, she would not forgive him if he did not apologize!

Lu Xingzhi carried her all the way to a secluded spot and finally put her down. He looked at her with a sour expression and said, “How did you get here? Who came with you?”

Jiang Yao patted her clothes, took a few steps back and grunted, to show her dissatisfaction.

She was infuriated!

“Look at you, how dare you get angry at me?” Lu Xingzhi thought Jiang Yao looked adorable, but he needed to teach her a lesson so he suppressed his smile.

He was surprised when he saw Jiang Yao, but he was even more worried.

Indeed, he was elated to see her, but it had to be a time where there was no danger around.

The surrounding cities and counties of Rong County had been raining for the past few days. Being the worst affected area, it was no wonder that the neighboring counties were hit by the disaster in varying severities as well.

Upon arriving at Rong County with the military, news of vehicles transporting relief supplies losing control and crashing was not unheard of. A bus, carrying more than two dozen volunteers got into an accident, with half of the passengers sustaining injuries.

Most places in the south, be it villages, towns, or cities, were located next to a river. With the rain pouring on endlessly, floods and landslides happening were only a matter of time.

Why would Lu Xingzhi not be concerned?

He was angry at her lack of communication, coming here all the way from Nanjiang City without even telling him.

What if something happened on her way here.

“Yaoyao, come on, stop fooling around.” Seeing that Jiang Yao was truly angry, Lu Xingzhi spoke again, this time in a softer albeit serious tone.

He hit her in a fit of rage, but it was for her own good. He did not regret doing it even though she was now mad at him.

“Don’t talk to me!” Jiang Yao glared at her husband.

Who was fooling around here?

She finally knew why Mrs. Lu used to say that Lu Xingzhi’s emotional intelligence was as good as a five-year-old kid. When he wanted to marry her previously, he knew that she did not want to and it was not her parents’ decision. Yet, he still put in a lot of effort trying to win her parents over instead of her.

Now, even though he knew she was angry, he still blamed her for being unreasonable.

It made sense now, she thought, why she gave him the cold-treatment for the past eleven years.

She wanted to leave then and there but looking at his weary state, she could not do it.

“Alright, I’ll tell you. Look at you and your frown.” Jiang Yao sighed. She gave up as she could not bear seeing her husband suffer.

Caressing his face, she asked, “How long has it been since you last rested? Were you injured in the selection?”

Engulfed in rage, she even forgot to check his conditions.