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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 605 - Heartwarming

Chapter 605: Heartwarming

Upon entering Rong County, Jiang Yao immediately saw the site for Shengqi Hospital and its signage.

The Director was very capable as he did not forget to advertise for Shengqi Hospital after their charitable deed.

However, the doctors on duty here did not know who Jiang Yao was.

“No outsiders are allowed here.” A nurse noticed Jiang Yao and hurriedly stopped her from entering.

“I have a patient in my car, can you get two strong male nurses to carry him in?” Jiang Yao was not angry. After all, it was indeed the rule here, and the nurse was only doing what she was told.

The doctors on duty immediately arranged for the help of two nurses before approaching Jiang Yao and asked her, in a low voice, about the patient’s condition.

Jiang Yao smiled. “He is doing fine. I dressed his wounds already, you just have to give him a place to rest.”

Her smile came because she was happy with the medical staff’s attitude; they were serious about their jobs.

Hearing that Jiang Yao had dressed the wounds herself, the doctor was surprised. He looked at her earnestly, observing her appearance before asking, “Are you a doctor who came here to help?”

“You could say so.” Jiang Yao did not really answer his question. “With the flood here in Rong County, things like electricity and water supply are not available, it’s harsh being here. Aren’t you all upset that you were sent here from a comfortable place like the hospital?”

The doctor laughed after hearing Jiang Yao’s question. “Initially, after receiving the notice, we were not too happy about it. Until hearing the news from the hospital that anyone who comes here gets their wage for the month tripled, that is.”

He waved his hand at Jiang Yao. “This! This is unheard of! No other medical staff here other than the ones from our hospital gets compensated like this!”

At this point, he sighed. “This is not it. Most importantly, when we came to the frontlines here at Rong County and saw the faces of despair on the people, our displeasure and annoyance vanished. As doctors, we could not rescue the victims from the face of a disaster as the soldiers did, but we could contribute in our own way, saving people from the brink of death!”

“Yes, we were shaken by the experience of being here.” A nurse beside them nodded. “A soldier was washed away yesterday and still nothing was heard of him until now. We are so worried and hope he will be alright!”

There were very few people who were cold-blooded and apathetic.

But the majority of people had a kind heart and an innate altruistic tendency.

The medical staff from Shengqi Hospital was just like them, they were all compassionate people.