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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 604 - Shouldn't Have Saved You

Chapter 604: Shouldn’t Have Saved You

“If I knew you were lying here waiting for death, I wouldn’t have entered the water! I wouldn’t want to nurse you back to health only for you to clash with Lu Xingzhi and make him mad!” Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at Chen Feibai and grunted.

She felt she needed to say more and continued, “Look at you in your pathetic state, that is God’s punishment for behaving like a brat in front of my husband! Remember, Chen Feibai, I saved your life! If you disrespect my husband, it means that you disrespect me, your savior.”

Everything Jiang Yao said was to stir up Chen Feibai’s spirit. She did not want him to fall asleep on the kayak and impede the rescue process.

“It’s no use, Jiang Yao, everybody knows I am an ingrate.” Chen Feibai proceeded to laugh in a very strange and hoarse voice.

Seeing this, Jiang Yao knew that Chen Feibai had gained a little alertness and chose not to distract herself by talking more.

She spent more than half an hour getting to the rock from the riverbank.

Returning to the river bank from the rock was a treacherous journey, there were a few times where they were so close to falling into the water from the kayak.

Fortunately, they arrived safely, with Moe’s occasional help in tugging at the rope.

Jiang Yao was drenched, however.

She was just about to ask if Chen Feibai could walk to the car himself when she saw that he had fainted.

Looking at his posture, it seemed like he was about to stand up before passing out. From that, Jiang Yao finally saw the ghastly wound on his back.

Blood had stopped flowing, but being immersed in the water for long periods of time had the skin around the wound in an extremely disgusting state.

Jiang Yao heaved Chen Feibai onto the rear seats of the car before changing into a set of clean clothes she prepared earlier. She then climbed into the trunk and moved him into the Medical System.

Upon entering the System, Jiang Yao learned that the wound on Chen Feibai’s back looked horrific but was not actually severe. His vitals were not hurt and most of it were scratches and bruises, that was why he lasted as long as he did.

After dressing his wounds, Jiang Yao had the System Admin change Chen Feibai into the Medical System’s cotton sterilized scrub.

She was going to do it herself, after all, to a doctor, a patient’s body was nothing more than a corpse.

However, she was reminded of Lu Xingzhi, with his intense jealousy, she asked for the System Admin’s help instead.

Even if she did it, Lu Xingzhi might not know but Jiang Yao did not want to do anything that would make him unhappy.

After exiting the System, Jiang Yao once again started the car, heading toward Rong County now.

Since she did not need to drive along the river, she went for the fastest and safest route.

She needed to put Chen Feibai in a safe place after removing him from the Medical System. After that, she wanted to go to the frontlines at Rong County and try her luck at meeting Lu Xingzhi and even help out if needed.

She was a doctor, and medical assistance was very much needed now in the frontlines.