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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 600 - Hang On!

Chapter 600: Hang On!

Heavy rain poured non-stop last night but it seemed like it would stay for a while longer. When the river flow suddenly increased, it would submerge his entire body in the water for a good few seconds. When the water receded, there would be some trash left on his face and body. Yet, he could not wipe them away for he had to hold on to the rock with both his hands.

Jiang Yao looked at his eyes, she thought they looked familiar but it was impossible for her to recall who he was at that moment.

Those eyes were not shut tight, instead, they were opened ever so slightly. Perhaps exhausted, the eyelids would shut from time to time but immediately the next second they would open again.

He looked up at the sky in despair.

When the waves came crashing, he held on to the rock tightly and shut his eyes hurriedly. And when his eyes reopened after the water receded, they suddenly looked sharper, as if his will to survive just increased.

Jiang Yao instantly understood the soldier’s inner conflict.

He was desperate. At the moment, he was faced with massive waves and rapid currents. All his energy was used to hold on to the rock. He lacked the strength to call for help because he knew that nobody could hear him out here in the wilderness. Even the occasional car passing by sped right through.

His cries for help would only spend his energy further.

However, he was not willing to give up on his life. As long as he was still alive, even for a second, he could not give up.

He wanted to hang on for a little longer. Perhaps, his comrades would appear out of the blue and rescue him from the calamity.

“Hang on! I will be there soon!” She knew he could not hear her, but she still called out, wanting to comfort him.

She slammed on the throttle as the car sped along the highway.

Two kilometers. It was not as far as one thought, yet it was not a short distance either.

She was not sure if the soldier could hang on for another second. Perhaps the next moment, he would lose strength and vanish completely into the rapid currents of the river.

She had to save him!

Not just because he was Lu Xingzhi’s comrade, he was a hero who sacrificed himself to save others.

A few minutes later. Jiang Yao finally arrived at the spot. She stepped on the brakes and parked the car by the side of the road.

Perhaps he heard the sounds of the car screeching to a halt, the soldier on the rock turned and looked toward the road.

“Hey, comrade! Hang on! I am coming to save you! Hang on!” Jiang Yao frowned. The rock was only a two-meter distance from the road but the rapid-flowing river between them made things incessantly difficult and dangerous.

Jiang Yao saw the lips of the soldier moving like he was saying something, yet it was too soft, she could not even hear it.

“Don’t speak! Conserve your strength!” Jiang Yao called out to the soldier. She lifted Moe up and asked, “Is there a way?”

“Damn! I don’t know! The river current is deadly and anyone that goes into that body of water will die!” Moe was furious. “Did you find him?” He looked over the river and added, “He doesn’t look good at all!”