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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 597 - : I'm Not Omnipotent

Chapter 597: I’m Not Omnipotent

Even though the soldier was not Lu Xingzhi, she still wanted to try and save him.

With that thought, Jiang Yao went to the supermarket and bought some water, food, and daily necessities before leaving Nanjiang City alone, headed for Ying County.

At this moment, it was reasonable to assume that the soldier had yet to reach Ying County. She should be able to see him if she followed the West River distributary and drove into Jade River County.

Because she was in a hurry and wanted to arrive as quickly as possible, Jiang Yao drove very fast. After exiting the city boundaries into the national highway, she jammed her foot on the throttle and the car sped off.

Fortunately, Ying County was not too far away from Nanjiang City. Jiang Yao managed to reach Ying County by afternoon after racing down the highways.

It was only a five-hour journey, but the weather was vastly different.

Upon entering Province C, the temperature dropped a few degree celsius. Luckily, Jiang Yao had a jacket, which she accidentally left in the car a while back. The drizzle of the rain welcomed her into Ying County.

Nonetheless, it was still better than the weather at Jade River County with its heavy rain.

That being said, the situation at Rong County was even worse if the weather was already this bad in its neighboring county.

No wonder the person telling her the unfolding of the event did it with a regretful expression. Having heavy rain even though a massive flood had just occurred, it seemed like God really wanted to bring his wrath down on the people of Rong County.

It was already late at night when the car entered Jade River County. It was raining heavily so Jiang Yao had to slow the car down. She then woke up Moe, who was fast asleep in her backpack.

“Can you locate a person floating on a wide river with a strong current?” asked Jiang Yao.

“Hey, I’m not omnipotent!” Moe glared at Jiang Yao. “It’s a big body of water and you’re not sure if the person you’re looking for is here right now. It’s much easier if the person has undegone your surgery before, you could ask System Admin to do patient tracking. But, you’re looking for a stranger, that’s tough.”

Jiang Yao was extremely anxious and even though she was curious about what “patient tracking” was, she was in no mood to ask for further clarification right now.

“Well then, let me slow down the car. Help me out here, a cat’s night vision is supposed to be impeccable right?” Jiang Yao spoke softly, trying to strike a deal with Moe.

Moe jumped up and landed on the window. He wagged his tail before turning back to look at Jiang Yao. “You fool of a human! Your vision is as good as mine now. Plus, you have x-ray vision and an amazing hearing, you should try using your abilities!”

After such a reminder from Moe, Jiang Yao suddenly remembered that, indeed, her vision and hearing were now on a superhuman level.

“Let me remind you, your abilities have limited range currently. Know your limits, don’t try to push yourself. Otherwise, you’ll only hurt your body.” Moe rolled his eyes at Jiang Yao, not forgetting to remind her not to push herself too far.

Jiang Yao nodded. She knew she could not yet see nor hear things from too far away, the maximum she could go was a radius of two kilometers.