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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 594 - From Jin City

Chapter 594: From Jin City

She kept reassuring herself that the soldier who was swept away was not Lu Xingzhi.

In her previous life, he did not lose his life until ten years later.

There should not be any drastic changes after her rebirth, otherwise what would be the point?

With her trembling hands, she dialed Liang Yueze’s number on her cell phone.

When the call was picked up, Jiang Yao asked, in a quivering voice, “Brother Liang, do you know about the flood in Province C’s Rong County? Is there a platoon stationed there in the first place?”

“No, there is no military presence in both Ying County and Rong County.” Liang Yueze presumed Jiang Yao heard the news announcement and knew about the soldier who was swept away. “Don’t overthink things, it’s not Xingzhi.”

“Were you able to contact them?” Jiang Yao asked.

“All communication to Rong County is lost. Every soldier in Ying County was urgently deployed to the disaster site, they are all currently at Rong County now. The incident happened a few hours ago actually. With the interruption in communication, it takes time for the news to spread. Don’t worry, the authorities have sent more people into the search and rescue effort.”

Liang Yueze did not think that the soldier was Lu Xingzhi.

If it were him, the Liang family would have received the news by now.

Liang Yueze comforted Jiang Yao but before he could hang up the phone, Old General Liang came in with a somber expression.

He looked distracted and immediately spoke to Liang Yueze without realizing he was in a call, “We received news that the soldier was from the Jin City platoon, however, we still don’t know the exact identity.”

Liang Yueze’s hand stiffened as his body trembled violently.

It was no better than before; when they knew of Lu Xingzhi’s critical condition after the rescue mission.

There were not many soldiers from Jin City platoon in the selection process, to begin with.

Liang Yueze dared not imagine. With Lu Xingzhi’s personality, it really was something he would do, putting himself in harm’s way to save others.

“Brother Liang, What did Old General Liang say?” Jiang Yao could only catch bits and pieces of information from the other end of the phone but she did hear the phrase “Jin City Platoon” mentioned.

Liang Yueze was abruptly yanked back into reality as he realized he was still in a phone call with Jiang Yao.

He was not sure what Jiang Yao managed to hear so he said, “According to Grandpa, the soldier that was swept away did not come from Jin City platoon. Don’t worry!”

Perhaps she had absolute faith in Old General Liang and Liang Yueze, Jiang Yao believed him fully and did not suspect anything.

What a relief!

Liang Yueze was relieved to see that Jiang Yao had believed his reply. Nobody knew for sure who the soldier that was swept away by the flood was, so at this point, he had to withhold as much information from Jiang Yao as possible. It was better than having her anxious and worrying over at Nanjiang City alone.

“Stay in school, I’ll talk to you later.” Liang Yueze hurriedly ended the call. With a deep frown on his forehead, he said, “Grandpa, can you arrange for a helicopter? I need to see for myself what is going on in Rong County.”