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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 590 - Changkang Group

Chapter 590: Changkang Group

“Well, I need money to start a business, isn’t that right?” Jiang Yao laughed. “You know I have a pharmaceutical company and a research lab, both are quite expensive to run, unfortunately. The jewelry company will have to wait until I have more money in hand. If these stones are just like you claimed, and can be sold for a good price, then I’ll have the capital to start my jewelry business.”

Huang Chengjing thought that Jiang Yao had a good point.

“Why don’t you sell two of them to Golden Phoenix at market price, while the rest will be sent to the underground trade market. I estimate you can earn at least a hundred million from these six raw stones.” Huang Chengjing had nothing but respect for Jiang Yao now.

He was so excited when he returned home last night that he could not sleep well. Now, it seemed that the sleepless nights would go on for at least a month.

The one hundred percent success rate was achieved by none other than Jiang Yao.

To the uninitiated, it was as if she was doing a grocery trip down the market with a cat in her arms, and Huang Chengjing was crazy enough to follow her stunts. The truth, however, was that she brought in massive fortune for him and showed him never to judge a person by their appearance.

Everyone thought that Jiang Yao, a young lady hailing from a different city, would not be able to survive in Nanjiang City. However, she proved them wrong. It was only a matter of time before she would become a person of importance here.

It must be a gift from Providence for the Huang family to meet Jiang Yao.

First, she saved Chairman Huang and kept the family’s peace, and later on, Huang Chenchen was found by her sister, Lu Yuqing, and now she gave Huang Chengjing the opportunity to make a big fortune out of the raw stones.

If she was not a blessing, what else could she be?

Jiang Yao put Huang Chengjing fully in charge of selling off the emerald ores. She also agreed to attend the underground trade fair under Huang Chengjing’s invitation.

He brought prosperity onto her, there was no need for her to decline his way of showing appreciation.

After that, she shifted her attention toward that piece of land in the suburbs and found a time to talk to Liang Yueze over the phone. He must have done something because the very next day Manager Sun received a phone call informing him that the date of the bidding for the land would be pushed forward. The person in charge requested that Manager Sun look for companies he had good relationships with to attend the bidding.

It was only done for official purposes to show that the relevant authorities followed standard procedures in the bidding process. In the end, Changkang Group would of course win the bid.

That was right, Changkang Group was the new name for Jiang Yao’s new company, which was originally intended to be registered as Changkang Enterprise. During the registration process, Lu Yuqing suggested the new name, to which Jiang Yao assented. Since she would have a couple of companies under her belt, the name “Changkang Group” seemed to be the most suitable.

Huang Chengjing was extremely well-connected and offered to help out. Since they needed at least three companies present, Huang Chengjing, aside from his very own Hairun Group, found two more companies he had good relationships with to attend the bidding.