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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 580 - I Don’t Know

Chapter 580: I Don’t Know

Zhu Qianlan knew of the dire consequences if the Zhu family were to lose their long-term customers over her irrational actions. She would definitely lose her place in the family.

Yet, she would not apologize to the woman she very much despised!

“Please calm down, everyone. Ms. Zhu here was just joking around with this adorable young lady. We are very sorry for the misunderstanding.”

Zhu Qianlan’s assistant came in the nick of time to calm things down. He then turned toward Jiang Yao and said, “Sorry for what happened, young lady. Ms. Zhu likes to play pranks on others, I hope she did not frighten you too much.”

“Why are you standing there? Our customer wanted this stone, right? Pack it up!” He instructed the startled employee, who was standing by the side.

The assistant even gave Jiang Yao a discount. After she made the payment, he asked again, in a very polite manner, “Would you like us to open and price your stone?”

He had been working for the Zhu family in the business since young and had seen people from all walks of life. Seeing Jiang Yao’s demeanor and attitude while on the phone with the bank, he thought she was quite the unordinary character.

Zhu Qianlan thought she was provided for by Huang Chengjing, but her assistant begged to differ.

Transferring two hundred and fifty thousand from the bank to pay for her purchases, Jiang Yao’s expression remained the same, not even a slight twitch of her expression was seen. Obviously, she thought nothing of the money.

If she really was Huang Chengjing’s mistress, getting a purse or a luxury bag was not out of the norm, but putting so much cash in her account was simply impossible.

Moreover, she looked nothing like a gold-digger.

The assistant defused the situation perfectly.

Yet, Zhu Qianlan looked like she just had the worst day of her life.

“A young lady, after all, do you even know stone betting?” Zhu Qianlan snickered.

“No, I don’t.” Jiang Yao shrugged. “I am just rich. I bought it just because I liked the way it looked. Who are you to judge? It’s my money after all.”

She then patted Moe’s paws and said, “Moe, tell me, which one do you like the most? I’ll buy it for you as a toy.”

Moe pointed to an inconspicuous stone by the corner. Jiang Yao was blinded by the glow when she looked toward it. Another quality find!

“Do you see the one Moe pointed at? I want that too.” Jiang Yao looked at the price tag. “Tsk, only seventy thousand? That’s cheap!”