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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 578 - Not For Sale

Chapter 578: Not For Sale

A bright light shone from a stone on display there, almost blinding Jiang Yao.

This was her first encounter with such a bright and glowing mineral stone.

She must have it!

Dominated by the thought, she instantly forgot the lady standing in front of her. Carrying Moe in her hands, she walked past Zhu Qianlan toward the stone. She called for the staff and pointed her finger at the basketball-sized stone. “I want to buy this stone, how should I pay for it?”

Zhu Qianlan was just about to come up with a clever reply when she was totally ignored by Jiang Yao, who went over to the display shelf and randomly selected a stone without any deliberation.

Zhu Qianlan was livid.

Jiang Yao wanted to show off, yes, she knew it! The young girl wanted her to know that Huang Chengjing would do anything for her, including giving her the freedom to buy whatever she saw fit here at the trade fair.

How dare she!

Nobody in the world could ever cross Zhu Qianlan!

As the little princess of the Zhu family, she had never been treated like this.

How could a poor little girl look down at her in such defiance?

“I have never seen a woman spending her man’s cash so irresponsibly!” Zhu Qianlan walked toward Jiang Yao, making a sharp, jarring noise every time she stepped on the stone floor on her high heels.

“This is none of your business.” Was it wrong to use Lu Xingzhi’s money? Why did she come onto her?

Lu Xingzhi had no qualms, why would Zhu Qianlan, a stranger, feel so strongly about it?

“I’m buying this stone. Give me the bank account, I’ll transfer the money over immediately.” Jiang Yao could not care less about Zhu Qianlan, who was behaving like a brat. She took out her cell phone and started talking to the staff.

The staff stole a glimpse at Zhu Qianlan before handing the business card, with the bank information printed on it, to Jiang Yao.

“It’s not for sale! I am the decision-maker here! I say it’s not for sale!” Zhu Qianlan snatched the business card away from the staff. “This is the Zhu family’s turf! I decide everything!”

Jiang Yao’s disregard made Zhu Qianlan lose control. She spoke loudly, attracting the attention of the nearby crowd.

“I don’t think this is how you should conduct your business.” Jiang Yao chuckled. “I have to say, this is my first time seeing such an irrational and unreasonable person. Thank you for opening my mind.”

Huang Chengjing came over after receiving a call from an acquaintance. Fortunately, he was not too far away and got to the site of the argument rather quickly.