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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 575 - I Cannot Marry Her

Chapter 575: I Cannot Marry Her

“I have heard of rumors that you, Mr. Huang, went sightseeing together with a lady. It is true after all, is she the one?” Zhu Qianlan stood high and mighty looking down at her visitors. With a slightly mocking tone, she said, “I thought you are into women that are a little more…”

Zhu Qianlan ruffled her hair and smiled. “I didn’t know that you like young girls, Mr. Huang. That’s the thing with men, they are powerless in front of young girls. Is she still underage? I wouldn’t think that you…”

With Zhu Qianlan’s attitude and expression, lightly-raised eyebrows, an arrogant smile, and an unconcealed look of contempt, it was enough for others to fill in the blanks.

“There seems to be a misunderstanding, Ms. Zhu. Then again, I have no obligation to explain.” Huang Chengjing looked at Jiang Yao. “If I married a little early, my daughter may have been just as grown-up as her. It is in a man’s nature to appreciate beauty. Yet, I’m not interested in the things you were insinuating. I know you are busy today, please excuse us, Ms. Zhu.”

Huang Chengjing led Jiang Yao away.

Jiang Yao was silent during the exchange but she knew that Zhu Qianlan saw her as a love rival now.

When she turned her head back, she saw the sinister expression on Zhu Qianlan. Perhaps expecting Huang Chengjing to not turn his head, she did not conceal any of the rage and menace on her face, even when she met Jiang Yao’s gaze.

“I’m so sorry that you had to go through this.” Huang Chengjing sighed and apologized, before explaining, “I knew Ms. Zhu when I first got into the business. She helped me a lot but in return, she wanted to marry me. That is something I cannot agree to.”

Jiang Yao thought the explanation to be unnecessary. After all, she did not need to know about Huang Chengjing’s love life.

“Mr. Huang, you don’t have to explain.” Even though she was looked down upon by Zhu Qianlan, it did not matter to Jiang Yao at all.

Huang Chengjing rubbed his nose. “I’m afraid that you will talk to your sister about what happened today. I don’t want her to get the wrong idea.”

Jiang Yao stopped in her tracks and was quite astonished to hear Huang Chengjing openly admitting his intentions.

She noticed Huang Chengjing’s attitude toward Lu Yuqing back at the opening gala, and he now made it clear that he was going after Lu Yuqing.

Perhaps, he was probing Jiang Yao to get some feedback on Lu Yuqing’s intention.

“Ms. Jiang, we are friends, right? Can you tell me more about your sister? I mean the stuff between her and her ex-husband,” Huang Chengjing continued after seeing Jiang Yao’s non-reaction.