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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 572 - First Impressions

Chapter 572: First Impressions

“A research lab?” Chancellor Wen looked at Jiang Yao in astonishment. “It’s easy to set one up but keeping it in operation is going to be tough. Even our school’s own research department is struggling to obtain financial grants and sponsorships. The financing of your research lab will be a tremendous challenge.”

“The finances are not to be worried about, I need people now,” said Jiang Yao. “I have Shengqi Hospital under my name. Plus, we are currently scouting out sites to build the factory of Changkang Pharma. As I was saying before, as long as people are willing to join my research lab, I vow that money will never be an issue.”

Chancellor Wen was startled for a good while before he broke out in laughter and shook his head. “Youngsters nowadays are amazing! Jiang Yao, aren’t you just nineteen years old?”

“Age is just a number.” Jiang Yao winked.

“Haha.” Chancellor Wen’s previous gloomy mood vanished and was replaced by a wide smile on his face. “Prepare a copy of your research lab’s information and give it to me. I will talk to people and let it be known that you are hiring. You came to the right place, I am the perfect person to do the job! Plenty of your seniors, who graduated from our university, are all talented people in the field. Their researches were suspended due to financial issues and now you, as a junior, are giving them new hope.”

Chancellor Wen was pleased. It was the university’s and his pride to have such a wonderful student among their ranks.

Perhaps he would not be involved in the outcome of the researches but he was happy to see medical research activities being supported.

Jiang Yao was slightly elated that Chancellor Wen agreed to help her out but she was not able to produce any information on the research lab right now.

She sighed, “We are still setting up the research lab and have not produced any promotional materials yet. After all, we would like to talk to interested parties before making our decision.”

“Without the materials, it may not be easy to convince them of the research lab’s capabilities.” Chancellor Wen then nodded after a brief pause and gave Jiang Yao some encouragement. “No worries, I will talk to them and let you know if I have any updates.”

He genuinely wanted Jiang Yao’s company to succeed.

“Thank you so much, Chancellor Wen. I really appreciate your help.” Jiang Yao stood up and turned toward the door.

Chancellor Wen nodded initially before stopping Jiang Yao in her tracks and asked, “Jiang Yao! Hold on! Can I ask you a question? Did you hear about the Divine Doctor when you were staying in the north for a month?”

“Divine Doctor.” Jiang Yao nodded. “I have, actually.” Perhaps Chancellor Wen would have known that the Divine Doctor saved Lu Xingzhi’s life if he had asked for a little more details.

Although Jiang Yao had no idea why the question came out of Chancellor Wen’s mouth.

“Do you know anyone that may be able to contact the Divine Doctor? I would like for the Divine Doctor to see a patient.” Chancellor Wen sighed. “The man that was right here before you is my good friend. His daughter’s face was badly burned in an accident a few years ago. Because of this, she was a changed person. His wife passed away early on and left him with their only daughter. He came to me for help out of desperation. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to Jindo City for a few years and had lost contact with the people there.”